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    They have the problems not me Each to their own at the end ov the day but we will never treat for anything
  2. VMS


    In fact have never treated for anything in 11 years and don't have that either
  3. VMS


    Have never treated for it in 11 years and don't have it
  4. VMS


    Would have liked Reims and Royes again Andrew
  5. VMS


    good meeting maybe but the race program is very disappointing imo can't see me going to many races in 2017 with the SNFC
  6. Can't edit cover should have read Anonymous users time to stop hiding Edited for you M8 :emoticon-0136-giggle:
  7. This has been covered before but bringing it up again time the anonymous facility was halted what's your thoughts,IMO only deviants need this facility
  8. Well done George well deserved hope in 2017 you achieve your Gold Cup goals
  9. You seem to be the most bigoted,user name non pigeon related.instead of enjoying your teams success today you post derogatory posts you sad Fker ,back to football thought rangers played really well in the first half Celtic took control in the 2nd half and were the more deserving side albeit rangers missing their chance to get the draw all in all a good old firm game,from a rangers point of view I thought young McKay was outstanding enjoy your win tae the Celtic support and remember it's only a game. Happy New Year Folks :emoticon-0167-beer:
  10. The Gers the better team in the first half,hopefully more of the same to come :001:
  11. Got mine good quality but the management race site proposal is crap and the change to the hours of darkness is also crap,think the guys in the north section will be very disturbed if this goes through
  12. Happy Birthday mate,go easy on the malt :emoticon-0123-party:
  13. VMS

    Xmas Presents

    The missus got me a iPad Pro happy days
  14. VMS


    Alex brother on the SNRPC result from time to time Doctor Salmond
  15. Well done guys gutted to have missed the day but sadly work had to come first at this time of year :emoticon-0167-beer:
  16. Common sense must delude you then
  17. VMS


    Probably the same as it would be will buying Renault and Citroen vehicles no change
  18. VMS

    Bird Flu

    Agree 100% and into the bargain with us eating them we are also getting treated with antibiotics.
  19. Think the small birdage brigade could be put off ,
  20. There will be no clambering you will be lucky if there a handful but good luck to the few that try,would love to have a go one day but for me it's 4 year old plus birds that have been over the channel several times and there hard to come by but as I said if I had the birds I would certainly give it a go
  21. Totally disagree 700 miles into Kent from the continent is completely different from 700 miles into the west of Scotland,if some enter and are successful you will see the difference
  22. Agree 100% different ball game flying to the south coast of England compared flying into Scotland,the NFC had a Scottish section few years back don't know if it's still running
  23. Happy Birthday guys, :emoticon-0167-beer:
  24. Agree mate cmon get involved don't need to be good at the game,some ov us are right bad :emoticon-0167-beer: ,
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