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  1. Enjoy tam, i will be there about 13.30 get the pint ready
  2. I think all the football threads should be banned. .. Just saying. .. When a car gets repossessed. ... and someone buys it.... same car.. same milage.. same dents and scratches. . Same service history... same colour... same car... ..... Same shelf .. Pacific shelf.
  3. jonl6280


    Ha wee jock, you look like a computer nerd and we wull is like a bird in drag Nice pic young john
  4. You been growing your hair alf?
  5. Well done Billy b 1st open. And to wee wull 1st and 2nd sect e. And big derek 3 rd sect e. And to every other that timed
  6. jonl6280


    16.16 2 out of 3
  7. Rangers are rotten just now . By the time they sort thing's out might be too late. But they will pump ceptic on the 10th just like the last time,
  8. Working 26 north of thirsk. Fast moving clouds west wind was fill cloud cover but breaking more Veiw to north
  9. Well done Kenny. Also big andy 8 in the top 15
  10. Jeezs o wull . Unlucky you didn't get the top 15.
  11. Well done miller time lofts super stuff
  12. My dad will tell u soon once he sober up lol. Thanks for all the message's
  13. Su15 A 6693 chq pd came in along with yb's Any takers
  14. Thanks everyone for the messages, superb feeling. But i must give most of the credit to my auld man hes the gaffer. looking forward to all the presentation nites
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