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  1. 1st Lanarkshire social circle also.
  2. Well done Archie and tam
  3. Some arrival times on snfc website!
  4. Su17l 10017 cheq c in tonight, hunted a few times but wouldn't leave, any takers
  5. 2/4 last checked before doo club for drink
  6. Well done andra. We know where you will be tonight then since you’ve timed in ðŸº
  7. Left Doncaster at 09:00 blue skies not a cloud to be seen until I reached gretna, no much wind either if any. Good luck all.
  8. Driving to hull this morning, currently at leeming bar services 10miles south of scotch corner - drizzle low cloud shut in visabilty poor.
  9. you any good at fishing dan?
  10. perfect race if you have a few late breds
  11. Danny your a bawbag. Couldn't race a doo tae save yourself.
  12. jonl6280


    That's a good lot Colin.
  13. jonl6280


    Del.why the hell don't you get asked!
  14. jonl6280


    Who's all goin to the snfc late bred sale the tomorrow? What's your fancy?
  15. Congratulation's Tam another great win, We are probably better asking what trophy's you haven't won. WELL DONE.
  16. Well done tam. Can see you havin a good yb national
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