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  1. Hi, I have SU21F 2409 does anyone know the owner or club contact
  2. Well done all timers, Peter White looks the winner just now
  3. If my calculations are correct, then the bird from snrpc littlehampton is doing 35mph. Could be a long night.
  4. jonl6280


    D.Crees - Birgam - 15.40 Off Snrpc website
  5. The birds were liberated at 09:15am in a light south-west wind and cleared the site immediately in a north-west direction
  6. Young bird training with Federation transporter starts Thursday 8th July from Elsrickle, every day until Thursday before first race, 2 pick up points only, leaves Uddingston at 9am and Newmains 9.30am, same prices as 2020 (Copy and paste from website)
  7. Congratulations Andy, well deserved result and a outstanding hen. Two great hens in your loft.
  8. jonl6280

    Cal 50

    Congratulations Callum and Sadie, Fantastic
  9. I'm John Lawrie jnr. So I think you have the wrong person, sorry.
  10. I'm no in charge pal. What you on about? Maybe you have the wrong person
  11. 😂 I'm good mate hope you and family well,
  12. Newmains, the car park across from where the car market used to be. Leaves at 10.40 but there around 10.10
  13. LRPF. Kettering, race marking brought forward by 24hours will now be Thursday for a Friday race, times as per year book
  14. https://www.rpra.org/pigeon-racing-and-coronavirus/ Scroll down Will reduce the bop population if no racing
  15. Any word on Lanarkshire fed.?
  16. Hearing bad reports of todays race, and can't get a hold of my loft manager, I'm in salou and heading to the bluenose 2 to watch the gers play Derby. Should have raced on Friday.
  17. Hi, can you have a look at picture and tell me if you think the injury was caused by bird of prey or hit the wires. Cheers John
  18. J. Lawrie&son newmains 13.51
  19. Any doos in the south yet?
  20. Well obviously the website not been updated and John has passed the info on
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