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  1. Looking forward to it hope he's been working on his none existent defence lol ,gutted dave Allen has chucked it as he was on tonight
  2. Looking forward to this but think canelo will fold Smith like a set of winter dykes hope im wrong tho
  3. The guys in the eye Valley can't help where they live
  4. Good idea jonesy, wee interest over the winter ðŸ‘
  5. Arranview


    Good luck ðŸ‘
  6. Definitely, would like to know who's racing and their birds are dying disgraceful imo
  7. Going on walters theory im assuming the full of your fed Del must be riddled lol
  8. Correct 100% bop, I put a post on here about 5 weeks ago took 80 ybs to Carnwath and lost 60 still nothing reported to this day ,yet I got the old your birds must have canker P*** talk lol aye nae bother ,birds were in outstanding condition, I've said for yrs these birds are coming to a place near you soon ,Ayrshire has been blootered since 1995,96 and you we'd hear is yous in there are clueless yous are never pigeon men lol ,well its coming home to roost now talk of stopping yb racing ,Lanarkshire sending 1600 birds to 100ml yb race ,Glasgow struggling to muster 160 ybs ,North West struggling to muster 150 ybs ,every fed getting slaughtered in recent weeks ,spoke to guys 20 miles east of me 2/3 yrs ago they'd never seen a percy but there seeing them now ,full place is infested now hopefully now the the big boys are getting blootered and not just us dummies making up the numbers in here something will change or im afraid its over ,
  9. Spot on ,I've said it for yrs every fed have a donor loft with 200 ybs trained out to 30 miles radius of the loft them raced every Saturday, 2 seasons and we could enjoy yb racing again with the birds hitting towns and villages in batches again, never mind hiding hoping it'll get better the season is short enough without racing and educating the ybs only my opinion
  10. It was a valid question, ive tried both and the raced ybs for me are far better than the ones thats just trained ,11yrs and never won a race or got a team built tells me they need some sort of racing thanks for your long winded reply ðŸ‘
  11. Andy you should be able to answer this question, how many races have you won with us raced ybs,what distance have you raced them to and have you built a team of old birds yet ?
  12. What about old birds ,seperate libs for natural doos and widowhood doos ,
  13. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  14. Just to clear things up ,birds we're tip top condition not ill or otherwise out of sorts and when i liberated them all feds were long gone ,I'd never toss ill birds ,I've been flying birds all my life and done OK im not a dumb fk
  15. Everyone came its self ,I can't get my head round it
  16. Well trained birds as well john
  17. took 85 ybs to Carnwath on Saturday, 9 on the day 11 on Sunday and 2 on Monday, not a feather since you'd wonder where they go ,surely they must be in now with this heat ,
  18. No ones business bar his own when he's in ,some guys just enjoy their doos and don't want tell the world when their in ,
  19. Sorry to hear this ,spend many a Sunday listening to jock and walter mcgaffeney ,top doo man ,RIP
  20. Peregrine ,goshawks hunt in woodland
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