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  1. Cheers mate ,I picked it up tonight, thanks for the offer ðŸ‘
  2. 🤣🤣federations to work together, have yous not just destroyed the fed yous runs ?
  3. I'm afraid it's nothing to do with bop or computers
  4. The Scottish government won't even know pigeon racing is a thing
  5. We can only stop ourselves as let's face 99 % of folk don't even know what we do for a sport, mind my labourer asking me one Friday what I was for doing at the weekend, I told him I race pigeons and he actually thought I ran along side them lol
  6. expletive remove we've had Cheltenham races ,horses transported all over and we're worried about going to a couple of short races lol ,I'd just carry on regardless let's face it whats the chances of the transporters getting pulled ,unless one of our own stick us in which I wouldn't bet against
  7. Happy retirement Linda, time to chill
  8. Hope sg plays the boys tomorrow, as its just a bounce game anyway 🇬🇧
  9. I've done that yin myself, fkn ragin 😂😂
  10. Good luck big yin ,thats commitment for you and to think guys were on here talking about getting put out the game unreal ,onwards and upwards I'd say you're well rid ,just enjoy the doos
  11. Back when doo men had respect for each over and enjoyed the game unfortunately thats mostly gone now
  12. Beat the late great tommy blair into second that day
  13. Thats the way it should be done imo, far too many not vaccinating and telling porkies
  14. aye mate busy busy, like I say I'd have paid it back but its no the wee doos fault ,atb
  15. Stuart I agree I would never try and put anyone out the game ,I don't know the in and outs mate I just enjoy my birds and to be honest I'd be gutted if I thought guys we're trying to put me out the sport ,hope it all pans out mate as its hard enough atb
  16. Wullie thats how I'd have played it out ,I sure if said fancier knew it wasn't transferred he wouldn't have timed it let alone pool it knowing full well Del would be checking it out ,I'd have kept it quiet as its not the birds fault it done its job its owner not so much ,now the race no longer exists which is a shame as it generated some banter on here and given a few more yrs im sure it would've grown ,lets face it it was only a bit of fun over the winter months, as for cheating its hardly cheating the bird flew the race fair and square, I know its the rules they must be transferred but mistakes happen, the games hanging on by a thread lads we need to stick together more than ever now ðŸ‘
  17. No wonder its quiet its nothing but site for politics and bitching id rather chuck the doos than go on the way some are ,its an embarrassed to the sport and its always from the same neck of the woods every yr
  18. Aye seen it, he never recovered from the price fight ,wish him aw the best
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