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  1. Well done Cuthbert & Cree fantastic performance flying into Ayrshire
  2. Fantastic performance, well done.
  3. Does mercasystems still supply vaccines?
  4. Let’s look at the positives instead of trying to look for negatives with this generous offer.
  5. steff30


    Looking to see if there is anyone who could help with getting one of my YBS which has been reported in Gilmerton, Edinburgh back to Ayrshire.
  6. Cheq H SU 19 L 13565 in Tonight has injury to the crop.
  7. Hi Joe this bird belongs to me. Sent you a PM.
  8. In tonight Blue pied cock SU 15 L 9295 has white rubber ring on.
  9. Looking to see if any fanciers can assist me near Dunblane and uplift a young bird from a non fancier?
  10. steff30


    Mocha sent you a PM
  11. 1st J Green & Son 1073 2nd Torrance & Mann 1064 3rd Torrance & Mann 1040 4th J Green & Son 1026 5th G Lightbody 1016 6th G Lightbody 1014 Well done James & Garry good start to the season.
  12. Billy did he tell you that he nearly caused a rammy to get the Doo!!! Thank god for Gerry McCourt he put him in his place lol
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