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  1. I would like to thank Dal2 for dropping my injured doo off at Hamilton Services. Thanks again m8 much appreciated.
  2. steff30


    Steven PM now empty
  3. steff30


    Steven, East Kilbride would suit me m8
  4. steff30


    Its Not yours its mine lol
  5. steff30


    Hi Steven this doo belongs to me m8. I could pick the doo up from Hamilton Services if your coming to Glasgow?
  6. Sanmmy the doo belongs to me Cheq Cock su 14 L 8460. Can you PM your address and I will collect the bird tomorrow.
  7. steff30


    Barry empty your PM
  8. That's not a surprise! your the leading bidder on everything lol
  9. Homer, Belgica De Weerd are advertising a loft & breeding book in this weeks copy of the racing pigeon. The book comes in A4 size and is £4.50 p&p
  10. He's a changed man!! just sticks to his doos and hens now lol
  11. Davie, I think the big man is getting to old for that carry on now.
  12. Great write up, well deserved Billy
  13. steff30

    The New Place

    Loft is taking shape Alan, hope it brings you and John success for the 2015 racing season
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