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    Sorry guys should been first west section
  2. Joe_b


    Well done Peter Wright on winning this national and first east section outstanding result and other nice results for the west section well done everyone who timed in EXCELLENT guys
  3. Well done Marshall Finley
  4. Newmains pick up is 10 clock josie bhoy
  5. Joe_b


    8 members sent 63 birds 1st wull McDonald 1117.952 2nd wull McDonald 1091.920 3rd Alan selfridge&son 1076.211 4th Jim latimer 1069.112 5th Jim Cassidy 1047.200 6th Jim Cassidy 1023.462 7th Jim Cassidy 1000.832 8th wull McDonald 948.055 9th Jim Cassidy 888.284 10t Jim Cassidy 880.286 Well done wull who also wins Old bird AVERAGES and all other timers
  6. Joe_b

    Cal 50

    Well done fantastic result bigman and sadie
  7. Well done big man and wee sammy
  8. Well done calum and liz and other tim8
  9. Joe_b


    9 members sent 75 birds 1st J&H Brown &Higgins 0833.458 2nd wull McDonald 0819.225 3rd J&H Brown &Higgins 0810.765 4th Wull McDonald 0800.703 5th Jock Graham 0740.010 6th Wull McDonald 0711.194 7th Wull McDonald 0688.746 8th Alan selfridge&son 0633.917 9th John king 0626.653 10th Joe Boyle 0555.736 Well done the partnership off J&H Brown &Higgins winning hard race And winners off yearling AVERAGE also The inland AVERAGES well done all timmers
  10. Joe_b


    Well done big calum and sadie
  11. Well done guys get in there wee Derek railway bomber
  12. Joe_b


    13 members sent 167 birds 1st John king 1304.558 2nd Jock Graham 1270.260 3rd Jim Cassidy 1267.531 4th John king 1260.490 5th John king 1259.494 6th wull McDonald 1244.001 7th Jim Cassidy 1241.783 8th Joe Boyle 1241.634 9th Jim Cassidy 1230.749 10th Charlie Murphy 1230.284 Well done John all all Timers on wee hard race
  13. 19 members sent 327 birds 1st Jim Cassidy 1035.286 2nd John king 1020.863 3rd J&H brown &Higgins 1015.095 4th John king 1009.650 5th John king 1008.546 6th Rab Dunsmore 1004.915 7th Jim Cassidy 1001.145 8th Jock Graham 0998.940 9th J&H brown &Higgins 0997.676 10th J&H brown &Higgins 0996.758 Well done butch taken all polls againg with his second win with his mealy cock well done all timmers few birds missing at run off time
  14. 11,23 most members under half returns
  15. Well done Joe and Ryan best luck with your young birds
  16. Joe_b


    Any guys from Mauchline passing or near Motherwell. Wishaw that can pick up a Irish pigeon I've got in and put it on there transporter this weekend get bird home cheers
  17. Any takers in this morning Gb19c10532 ok no injuries
  18. Joe_b


    19 members sent 468 birds 1st Davie Penman 1512.345 2nd W&J Mcfarlane 1510.635 3rd Scott Barron 1510.505 4th W&J Mcfarlane 1510.221 5th Wull McDonald 1509.951 6th J&H Brown &Higgins 1508.806 7th John king 1508.397 8th Rab Dunsmore 1506.908 9th Charlie Murphy 1505.567 10th John king 1499.292 Well done Davie and All Timers
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