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  1. 8 members sent 112 birds 1st Alan selfridge&son 932.278 2nd Joe Boyle 917.657 3rd Alan selfridge&son 867.056 4th Jim Cassidy 850.426 5th Joe Boyle 849.587 6th G&J palmer 831.605 Well done Alan and timers Good young bird season for me again First 4 AVERAGES Last 4 AVERAGES Young bird AVERAGES Lowest winning velocity In running for ace yb 3× 1st 2×2nds 1x4 1x5
  2. Well done big del EXCELLENT mate top flying
  3. Joe_b

    Help with yb

    Sorted by big Tommy still a gent to the pigeon guys
  4. Joe_b

    Help with yb

    He can get them to who dares win one loft race if anyone going to this
  5. Hi guys got young bird Reported in Mansfield any one help get it up the road or even half way will pay any cost thanks in advance
  6. Well done big Andy great flying mate
  7. 5 members sent 41 birds 1st Joe Boyle 806.051 2nd Jim latimer 791.053 3rd Jim latimer 782.236 4th Scott Barron 683.692 5th Joe Boyle 628.357
  8. 13 members sent 255 birds 1st Alan selfridge&son 1082.729 2nd Joe Boyle 1079.112 3rd Davie Penman 1061.093 4th Jim Cassidy 1043.981 5th Scott Barron 1031.952 6th Joe Boyle 1026.214 7th Scott Barron 1008.495 8th Scott Barron 1008.284 9th Scott Barron 1006.390 10th Sandy Steven 0979.027 Well done Alan good win mate Well done all timers Total disaster most club wiped out
  9. 13 members sent 259 birds 1st Joe Boyle 1479.579 2nd Joe Boyle 1477.684 3rd Joe Boyle 1472.834 4th Joe Boyle 1468.549 5th Jim Cassidy 1437.061 6th Jim Cassidy 1423.875 7th Joe Boyle 1414.044 8th Joe Boyle 1409.602 9th John king 1409.551 10th Jim Cassidy 1376.980 Good race for me and also Fist four AVERAGES good race For all well done all timers
  10. Joe_b


    14 members sent 334 1st Jim Cassidy 0967.982 2nd Jim Cassidy 0967.518 3rd J&H brown &Higgins 0966.713 4th Joe Boyle 0966.613 5th Joe Boyle 0966.382 6th Joe Boyle 0964.881 7th Joe Boyle 0962.926 8th Joe Boyle 0948.970 9th Davie Penman 0948.970 10th M&R Dunsmore 0944.275 Well done butch and all timers Good returns all round
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