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  1. Sad news.R.I.P John condolences to the family. Quote
  2. Sorry to hear of Walters passing , sad news indeed, thoughts are with his family and friends
  3. Not really a bargain Andy we had them think was 2013 and were poor quality lots off the side lugs were broken either comeing out the transporter or enter or levein the loft after that they were never order again
  4. Merry Christmas everyone have a cracker be safe
  5. Part 2 off sale went great today all birds sold big thank you to BASICS and all who attended and bought birds well done to Harry Brown getting birds in EXCELLENT condition On behalf off dalzell flying club and Kenny's partner Linda we thank everyone involved
  6. Great turn out all birds sold thank u to basic for putting sale on here and big thank u for all who turned out part 2 will be next week
  7. One off the top men in this sport be sadly missed EXCELLENT flyer and top gentleman all the best to Jim and what ever he does he maybe be levein the sport but all his friends will still be here for him
  8. 27 November mate for agm and sat 4 December for race program
  9. Yes been good races out there and other race points been good too
  10. The race program I've submitted Old birds 16.4.22 Wooler 23.4.22 Wooler 30.4.22 Appleby 07.5.22 Appleby charity rac 14.5.22 Catterick 21.5.22 Wetherby 28.5.22 Retford . yearling op 04.6.22 Kettering . open race 11.6.22 Wooler 18.6.22 maidstone open race 25.6.22 wooler 02.7.22 ypres SNFC may change Young Birds 23.7.22 Dunbar 30.7.22 Dunbar 06.8.22 wooler 13.8.22 Wooler 20.8.22 Appleby 27.8.22 Appleby 03.9.22 Wooler
  11. Well done Davy EXCELLENT mate
  12. 8 members sent 112 birds 1st Alan selfridge&son 932.278 2nd Joe Boyle 917.657 3rd Alan selfridge&son 867.056 4th Jim Cassidy 850.426 5th Joe Boyle 849.587 6th G&J palmer 831.605 Well done Alan and timers Good young bird season for me again First 4 AVERAGES Last 4 AVERAGES Young bird AVERAGES Lowest winning velocity In running for ace yb 3× 1st 2×2nds 1x4 1x5
  13. Well done big del EXCELLENT mate top flying
  14. Joe_b

    Help with yb

    Sorted by big Tommy still a gent to the pigeon guys
  15. Joe_b

    Help with yb

    He can get them to who dares win one loft race if anyone going to this
  16. Hi guys got young bird Reported in Mansfield any one help get it up the road or even half way will pay any cost thanks in advance
  17. Well done big Andy great flying mate
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