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Windows 10

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I've been using the upgrade since the last thread on this and I have had no problems whatsoever. Cortana does not seem to work, but I am not interested in having my computer talk to me, so haven't spent any time to research it. I haven't noticed any difference if perhaps slightly faster. I cannot remember what version I was on before, but think it was 7. It was not the newer one with apps. My son had that version and it drove me crazy attempting to follow it. :)

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I upgraded 2 weeks ago from windows 8.1 it took about 1.5 hours no probs but slightly quicker all round, only prob I have is it doesn't want to recognise my Microsoft office 2003, but it can be made to work with office 2003. on the whole it appears to be alright. I also upgraded a 10year old laptop from windows 7 ( it was originally XP) and it works its a bit lumpy, when streaming from the net but it does ok as a backup. hope this helps

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Oh dear! Why did you decide to revert back to Windows 7?


it wasn't intended it came up out the blue, was a problem getting on and a notice came up to do things, one was system restore, so i thought this to take me back to sort the problem, silly me it was'nt emoticon-0179-headbang.gif, but does this mean if you do want to go back it doesn't save all your docs etc it takes you back to your pc's original, when new

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When you 'system restore', you usually pick a restore date (were you given that option?) to turn your computer back to the date.

A system restore date would have been created when you installed Windows 10. But I think you have to pick the restore date on the created calender.


yes think you are right, but dont think it took me into that , it went right into changing when i click system restore, think maybe this is the part you have for so long to change back,

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