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Well Who,s Going On Saturday

andy Burgess

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I enjoyed my day at the show catching up with old friends.

The committee obviously work very hard preparing for the event and Ian Noble obviously relished his 15 minutes of fame with a microphone in his hand.

The birds in show looked well and the fanciers concerned obviously worked hard to have them in condition especially given the weather in the run up to the show.

I think trade stands at shows will rapidly become a thing of the past as everything is available online now.


I like to attend and support the shows, to let the fanciers see, before they buy. I agree theres a lot available online, but its never the same as seeing the goods in the flesh. For as long as the shows want me to attend, i,ll be there. Buyers never get the opportunity to have discussions and inputs into what they are buying online, so being there has its benefits too. :D

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gave charlie and davie a nice grandaughter of de barcelona end of last year hopefully should breed some good birds for them she was a good racing hen won two hard races and just missed clermont result hawked but started hiding every other race so might make a good stock hen for the guys

A hope not after his comment lol. And yes I have 2 pals mind they,ve not sent me a Xmas card for ten years lol

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Guest Gareth Rankin

Well done to the committee it's a great venue

I agree Tom, approx 1 in 6 of the Scottish fanciers turned up at the show, if we can increase this number year on year then I'm sure more stall holders will come to the show, which makes the show more attractive fir all.

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