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  1. Looks like top of the tree this week,top flying Lewis
  2. Su 21 A 6480 Check hen Tired and body loss but has picked up after feed and water Phone 07810866049 to organise return Tom
  3. Hi Cammy 11 can you PM my box with contact number so i can get in touch please.
  4. Tried to contact the company on the numbers provided,with no luck Anyone know if they are still available for sheds?
  5. Cracker Walter not many of those about,send me a photo and breeding, i will put it in Lanarkshire news if you wish. Tom
  6. Well done Dave,loft in form in Clarkston.His winner has been 1st,2nd,3rd in its three races .All pooler today,icing on cake.
  7. Well done Dougie,excellent winner
  8. Well done John,fellow Partick Thistle player
  9. chrissyboy1


    14/15 Worksop, Lanarkshire
  10. Happy birthday Jim,hope you have a great day. Well done on winning the club race last week The Corries
  11. Yes George i think this is the way forward.As a federation you have to evolve and if Jim is willing to put it on the federation website then people can have a look and enjoy. Well done George on your forward thinking. Tom Corrie jnr Lanarkshire Press Officer
  12. 9 lofts sent156 birds 1st Muir Bros 1517 2,3,4,5,6,7, 9th T Corrie Son G\Son. 1509 8th P Stangoe Well done Charlie & Dave
  13. Thanks lads ,wishing everyone a good days racing
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