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Who Has Started Having Birds Out Yet

terry mccarthy

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My birds have not been out since september i got 1 back about 6 weeks ago that was missing from yb racing ...nailed by the hawk before i got home from early shift...Good luck to all the guys that can let there birds out without any bother i wish it was me :emoticon-0127-lipssealed: :emoticon-0127-lipssealed: :emoticon-0127-lipssealed: :emoticon-0127-lipssealed:



well now you know why i have only the 12 birds out all the time :emoticon-0127-lipssealed: :emoticon-0127-lipssealed:

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been letting mine out regular in the morning for a couple of month now, hope i haven't spoken to soon, next month's the worst time for percy around here, been quiet up till now, lets hope it stays that way :emoticon-0127-lipssealed:

hawks and falcons almost daily here, was just about to let mine out this morning and falcon nailed one from my neighbours loft thankfully it escaped

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I have had mine out a couple of times (just the hens as I find the cocks have their mind on other things at this time of year and are more interested in fighting and chasing on the roof and are vunerable) prior to pairing. Have to keep them tight so they will come straight in as the sparrowhawks here are shocking. The trouble is that they get worse end of February and March is a complete nightmare. I have seen 3 sparrowhawks today one cock and two hens and that was without even trying.


In the past if I stayed out when the birds were out they would be ok. All change now though, even if the birds are picking around my feet the sparrowhawks still attack them. You can chase them and they are back within 5 mins. They are the single biggest problem that I have to face. I get peregrines regularly but they dont cause as much grief to me as the sparrowhawks.

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I don't like to speak to soon but theres been less hawk and peregrine activity around my area than in previous years.I have had my pigeons out more this year than usual and I think they are better for it, exercise can only be good for any living creature

the hawks are aw across the pond on the hamilton side the noo lol

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