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  1. Another day wasted and now here they want another otterburn added and take out a longer race may as well just have all Otterburn races the way the pentland fed are going
  2. Su 21 nw 218 in Edinburgh
  3. How many guys sent to this race with only 3 fanciers on the result
  4. Hope these bird’s are able to work home for you guys
  5. Rest in peace Tony another one taken to soon
  6. That is my bird thanks for giving him a helping hand will let you know if he gets home
  7. Thank you George for picking the bird up for me you are a gentleman
  8. Thanks Arty for reporting the bird and looking after it
  9. I’m surprised to hear you were liberated at 8.00 at lauder
  10. Is your transporter a blue box type motor with blue curtains
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