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A word describing pigeon fanciers in the North East of England (maybe should be apathetic) 

Leave it to somebody else 

Somebody else  will do it (but I'm not)

And those that step up and do the work are fed up of carrying the rest of them

Why should those who "do", carry the burden that should be shared by all, not just the few

Here's one extremely p*ssed off "fancier" 

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Sad state of sport these days in most areas I'm afraid... along with the Facebook warriors who sit back and slate committees at every opportunity. 

That's why most people are reluctant to take on any positions within the organisations. 

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On 12/13/2021 at 4:41 PM, Kyleakin Lofts said:

Members must take ownership of their sport. :)

I think 'SHOULD' would be more appropiate. Never known them too yet!

 Just 2 individuals as I know off. One threathened court proceedings, they RPRA renegaded. the other went to court and won the cas1

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