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The Moult.

alex young

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How's the moult going with your birds? I never raced young birds so most are on their last or next to and have cleaned up in the body. I split the old birds in July so they are well on too. They're getting 50/50 Multi Task/Moulting Mix at just over 1oz (30gms) a day and are exercised once a day. Once a week a multi vit and all in one grit, what's everyone else doing?.

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Generally don't split mines until moult done boxes all closed up though, out for bath every few days once split will stay in doors through until February lost too many last winter to hawk.

Few latebreds may go out and will be trained when I've time. 

Have them on equal parts vanrobeys all round, VL superstar and depurative to appetite. Vanrobeys super grit and some mixed grit and clayblocks every other day. 

Garlic in water and some lemon cinnamon used on food now and then. 

Birds look and handle fantastic and well on way to having a good moult. 

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moult going well for the majority . some late breds looking a little "tatty" . sexes wont be split until the clocks go back, due to the fact most old birds are being broken to this loft . out daily unless fog or mist and heavy rain. its a joy to see them flying . getting a pinch of seed daily, vanroebays best all round daily, when temp above 10 degrees theyll also have a good measure of wheat (keep the cost down) :smiling-scarecrow-329:

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I am feeding 15 grams a mix of barley and seed before work and a mix of beans and peas after work to they start to mess about . I use 2 different oils twice a week each dried with provite and iodine in the drinker 2/3 days a week feather quality is really good so far 

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