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Training Late Breds


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Same here I’ve two small groups of latebreds one group have  had 10 short tosses and that’ll do them until next year when they’ll  be expected to toe the line to 200 mile mark at least .The other group I’ve only started due to them being a bit younger so only 2 tosses with them so far.

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I was just watching a short video of Paul swindell he does not train his late breds he let's them mature naturally over the winter. He only starts training them 4 weeks before the 1st race and he also avoids north winds during training as he wants them to only experience that on a tough day as they will just keep flying as they don't know any better. An experienced doo will just take cover rather than fly into a strong North East wind.  Paul has timed his late breds out of 620 miles. Its something to consider.

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I'm going to start my latebreds in a week or two and  they will be trained to 63 miles and then stopped for the year, Guaranteed, these will be my most reliable pigeons next year. I've said it 100 times, we should be racing our ybs in OCT/NOV. Not as much BOP, No clashing, No yb sickness, No need for darkening.

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Well most will know my view.

 Open loft if possible... obviously not all are able to enjoy.

 Now once the youngsters have finished 'Ranging' there is absolutely nothing they need to know. You cartainly cannot teach them a jot!

 So lazy around doing as they like and please. Let them build a 'Home' where they feel safe and contented with. Comfortable with you and your system!

May be two - if you must - a light toss in good weather - Like today.

then again, 1-3 races.

 Build a team bred in the 'Pink/Purple. 

 Me! I would. in all honest set up that all  birds were bred in Autumn- August/September.

 Let to lose themselves, or reamain, for 18 month. and then eneter into races.

 Yes these would be the main race team.

But then a round or Mrch / April bred for the y/b season from proven older birds finishing racing ... . These yongster will fly the whole program. and win!

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I would agree, entirely, with Edinburgh's West's post. Adding East winds also. Not even letting them out. 'When wind is in east, it's no good got Man or Beast'!

 the good fancier of past would only send an expeirence pair to these races... Simple to stay in the 'Averages'!

 Mind I, like many other never trained... Only reason is to get them fit! You teach them NO good habbits... only sometimes bad ones. Like no urgency to get home. Can have a break in bad weather, or return when it suits, a few days later.

 Remember, 'First loss is the best loss'. Most from the loft top. Save wasting time, money, feed!

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You know Del, I'd wager, give a late bred next season, or a yearling in O/b race and loft fit bird, first time in the basket, It will be your first bird home. Love of a safe and warm home, with its perch or box threathened, maybe, while it is away will be by far enough motivation.

 Take the bird off the top perch, or corner shelve away. Within seconds another - second in command lol, will commandeer it, do that as many times as you like and the birds will raise its 'Pecking Order!

 There can't be ANY motivation given to a bird that will compete with that! Simply put, if a bird cares not, or isn't too interested in getting back to it's perch or box, then you / no one can motivate it to zoom home!

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