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On 8/27/2021 at 9:17 AM, SNRPC said:

Scottish National Racing Pigeon Club

Late Bred Sale


On offer is a genuine batch of Scottish Long distance young birds bred from some of the best known fanciers in the country who are at the top of the sport at this present time. The sale will be held on Pigeon Basics from 12.00 on Saturday 28th August until Sunday 5th September Lots 1-12 will close at 6.30pm, Lots 13-24 will close at 7pm. The 5 minute rule is applicable. Bids will also be taken by telephone until 6.00pm on Sunday 5th September but there after only bids on Pigeon Basics Platform will be accepted.


Call Duncan Knox on 07484329604 for Lots 1 to 12


Call Peter Keogh on 07841737616 for Lots 13-24


1. Peter Virtue Co’Path, Winner of 14 National races, included 4 Reims Gold Medals. £120 Tony Mills (phone bid)


2. Billy Bilsland Ayton (1st YB). Billy is another multi-national winner and is a real threat at any distance. £120 J Tullan (phone bid)


3. Ken Buchanan Hamitlon. Top West of Scotland fancier winner of the Troyes National 620 miles. 2nd open Arras 2019. £130 Maccattack3 


4. Matt Shields East Weymss. (1st YB) The man to beat in the last two seasons. Last chance to get one from this great family as Matt sadly is having to give up the sport.

£40 Jambo

5. John Hadfield Blackburn. Top section D fancier always features in the national results. £150 W McCormack (phone bid)


6. Norman Renton Foulden. Winner o 6 National races including Reims, Tours, Andrezele and Arras. £70 Maccattack3 


7. John Mackenzie Anstruther. (1st YB) A legend in Scottish distance racing, Jock has been winning at the distance for many years and has produced a great family of birds. £130 Maccattack3 


8. Gordon McKenzie Broxburn. Another top section D fancier, Gordon’s birds can win in club, fed and National level. £90 Rangers



9. A & E Luke Dunbar. One of the best fanciers in the East of Scotland. 1st Open Huntingdon National 2021. Winner of 3 National races. These birds will win at any distance. One direct of the national winner. £300 Northsider (phone bid )


10. Robert Hamilton Cambus. One of the best fanciers in the country, tremendous family of distance pigeons. Robert’s bird will be a 2022 youngster from a section winner or their parents buyers choice .£100 J Muir (phone bid)


11. Smith & McCallum Cumbernauld. One of the top distance lofts in the West of Scotland. Always features in the national results. £80 J Alexander (phone bid)


12. Peter Keogh Broxburn. 1st Open Arras 2019, 3rd Open Littlehampton 2021. Past SNRPC average winner. Another top winning loft in great form. The late bred offered is direct from the 3rd national Littlehampton 2021 £70 Maccattack3 


13. S Thomson & Son Port Seaton. This partnership has been at the top for many years with some tremendous performances each year, Past National winners. £60 Maccattack3 


14. Cowan & Craig Cowie. Here we have another top section D loft these guys always feature in the national results each year. £40 Maccattack3 


15. David Crees Coldstream. One of the very best treble national winner including 1st & 2nd Open Reims, 1st open Troyes and winner of the Littlehampton National 2021. The late bred offered is direct from the Littlehampton National winner 2021. £400 Taylorsloft.


16. C & G Cameron Arbroath.One of the most consistent partnerships in Scotland with many top performances to their name. Top distance loft. £200 Paul Dewsnap (phone bid )


17. Ian Ross Kirkintilloch. One of the very best West of Scotland distance fanciers has won section F countless times mostly at the channel events. £100 J Alexander(phone bid)


18. John Bosworth Elphinstone. One of Scotland’s greats, a multi-national winner and past gold cup winner at Rennes, John has won many accolades in the pigeon sport and is still at the top. £200 J Morgan (phone bid)


19. W Davidson & Son Coalburn. One of the household names in Scottish distance racing, this family are much sought after, a youngster for this loft would certainly enhance your stock.£110 G Harris (phone bid)


20. Bruce McKenzie Dundee. Here we have another national winning loft in top form again this year. Bruce has built up a team of great performance pigeons to win at any distance. £120 J Jack (phone bid)


21. Billy Bilsland (2md YB) £75 A Todd (phone bid)


22. Matt Shields (2nd YB) £130 Jamie (phone bid)


23. Jock McKenzie (2nd YB)£130 Maccattack3 


24. Matt Shields (3rd YB) £130 Jamie (phone bid)

Lot1 £150


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The SNRPC wishes to thank all involved in making this sale a huge success, those who donated ,the buyers the unsuccessful bidders this time and pigeonbasics for hosting the sale.

All payments to SNRPC secretary Mr David McArthur.

96 Newlands Road .



FK3 8NY.

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