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  1. Aberdeen elite club Lib ST Boswells 09.30
  2. Just phoned you but it said incorrect phone number
  3. It is with a heavy hart. I must report the passing or Fred
  4. I have a pigeon with none fancier injured
  5. Any fancier from Whitley bay that can help
  6. In last night NEHU 2018 con 2362 j cox but phone number was wrong Walkerdene Newcastle anyone got phone number for him
  7. Rain thunder and lightning in Aberdeen and thick fog
  8. This bird is from Orkney
  9. Picked up in Peterhead and handed to me
  10. Su19NW 1450
  11. RIP my old friend RIP my old friend
  12. Bird is at backmarch road Rosyth KY112RH
  13. It was lost from a bad toss from Stonehaven 4 weeks ago
  14. Need pigeon pick up in Dunfermline its with none fancier
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