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  1. Rangers

    S N R P C

    Could the snrpc post all Telephone bids on the Thread
  2. Friday race for central fed
  3. Sorry but welcome to pigeons can’t tell people where to train it’s the same though here
  4. The way it’s going you will be happy to take them
  5. No but he’s on the same lorry and the best time you have heard of
  6. Rangers


    Or just no phoning in
  7. The national no been good to him it’s his birds that’s been good to him you got birds away ???
  8. Hope so Andy 🔴⚪ï¸ðŸ”µ
  9. Well done Scott 🔴⚪ï¸ðŸ”µ
  10. Some smart *expletive removed* got stuck on the grass
  11. The man in Question thinks he can Speak and treat ppl like sh** he has already *expletive removed* 1club
  12. Rangers


    look at your self Danny
  13. Rangers


    Bigda can you see us now :001:
  14. Your no right in the head wee man it’s all about the rangers
  15. There are raging :001:
  16. Check the record books wee man It’s all about the rangers :001:
  17. Good to see your back to see 55 wee man :001:
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