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Few Free Birds


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I have a few free pigeons if anyone is interested

Mostly from my yb team I weaned 39 and have ended with 30 having had 7 races ,there are 3 yearling hens and 1 cock


My birds are crossed pigeons as I try other birds against my own and if one works out that gets put in with mine

The strains really a mix of Wildermeersh ,Jansen ,koopman ,de Meyer x lambrechts ,zwol and a ceuleman hen so a bit of a mixture really not that fashionable

I keep 10 pair stock ,18 to 20 cocks and 6 hens

They win to 360 miles I haven't tried them further for a few years now


Results in the last two years 2018 and 2019 my loft book shows I sent to 38 races in that time


Club results in the last two years

19 x 1st

22 x 2nd

15 x 3rd

10 x 4th


Fed result in the same period

7 x 1st

4x 2nd

5 x 3rd

4 x 4th


If anyone who wants to try some that had them last year or a other basics member you are more than welcome but I only want Walkers to collect the birds as now the season is over I will be working 6 days a week and with walkers I can plan better rather than some couriers that never seem to keep to time or even day

I have put the offer up elsewhere so they may go quick as they did before




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If anyone is inrerested in them


There is a cock there half brother to 7 different winners at club level and 2 fed winners

One the same way bred as a yb fed winner this year, and the same dam bred with another cock 3rd,5th 12th fed in 3 weeks by one yearling this year

One out of a cock that has bred two fed winners paired to a hen that bred two club winners

One out of a cock I have on loan with 2 fed wins paired to a hen that bred me 1 st fed last year in her first year at stock

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All birds are gone now some on basics some to a new starter in Essex and two hens to my mate

The sire of my winner Saturday is going as is a cock that bred a fed winner in the north east both to members on basics


Thanks for looking I hope they do the new owners some good


Will do the same next year if ok with admin

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I have around 7 or 8 cocks and 5 hens free if anyone is interested in all of them or a few pairs etc I rather give them away as I am not one for selling pigeons

I think they will breed nice youngsters I don't breed from racers only a few late ones for friends so they are untried as breeders


My previous results are at the top of the topic


Below are this years results 2020 we had 7 races this year due to the late start


Week 1 ...1,2,3 club 6.7,8 fed

Week 2.....1,2,3 club 1,2,3 fed

Week 3 ....1,2 club 1.3 fed

Week 4.....1,2,3 club 4,10,11 fed

Week 5 .....1,2,3 club 1,2,3 fed

Week 6 .....4 club 16th fed

Week 7 .....1.2,4 club 1,2,4 fed


As you can see they have done me proud

The strains are a mix really wildermeersh,Jansen based families ,lambrecht,zwol.ceuleman

Really just best to best



Amongst the birds to go


1,blue cock half brother to 1st open national flying club he has won fed cards .I gave a late bred from him away last August and it won 2nd fed for a mate 2,300 birds

2, a son out of my number 1 fvw stock cock sire and g/sire of fed winners the nestmate to number 2 was 1st fed this year ,he is a bit long cast but has the best blood in him his dam is a full sister to rpra sprint award winner for my mate

3, a lambrecht x ceuleman sire direct from Leon prince bred winners from his first year, dam bred a yearling that won the fed Saturday now a double fed winner

won as a baby then a widow hen

4,a lambrecht won fed as a baby

5, blue cock a yearling his sire has bred 5 fed winners

6,a pair of reynaerts bred by Dave Phillips won was 2nd fed as a baby

7,a zwol cock that won the fed

8, blue hen scored 3 times in the fed bred by John passey no ped though lovely hen


I will write pedigrees out for them best I can


I would like them picked up by walkers if anyone is interested as they will not be at home and walkers are spot on with time as I have to ask a oap to come to meet the courier as I am away from home working 4 nights a week now old birds are finished

Walkers normally do a fair few birds for the same price as one I will check that though


Send me a pm if interested

I will try to put a few photos up later



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Thanks for pms

Looks like they have gone now

I will have a few of this years ybs same way bred available at the end of August as I only need 7 or 8 cocks and 6 hens all bred out of my stock team


Anyone interested post on here or send me a pm and we will see what we can sort out

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