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As previously noted,finishing up details of OBS and other loft equipment.


Ref.A Blue Ch Hen GB10S 65459 Silver Award Winner

1st club Leicester 9th section Billericay

4 channel tickets including 6th section 38th open Arras and 1st section 20th open Reims.SNRPC



Ref.B Red Ch Cock GB14S 60849 8th section 67th open Roye SNFC

Half brother to silver award hen.



Ref.C Ch Pd Hen GB14S 60873 6th section 47th open Roye SNFC and 7th section Reims SNRPC



Ref.D Red Ch Cock SU11 3326 3rd section 23rd open Alencon SNFC Gold Cup

Birds available from this bird when mated to a daughter of Wilson&Jacks 7th open Reims



Ref.E CH Pd Cock GB10S 65977 1st Section 1st west region 8th open Arras SNRPC



Ref.F Dark Ch Cock GB15S 67621 1st section 1st west region 4th open Arras SNRPC


Brothers and sisters of these birds have multiple channel tickets

Example,2nd section 8th open Arras SNRPC

Birds direct from reference birds £50 all others £25

Loft equipment 3 Shepherds panniers very good condition £75 each and 4 unikon pads £80 each,

All enquiries via PM

Thanks Vincent

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Yep, sad to see another bite the dust. I and many others know how you feel.

Here are me and many others, through one reason or another, sitting on side gutted and wishing we could still be competing in the sport.

As I posted regards another fancier a couple of weeks back, any newbie and some of us who need, or needed to improve our stock have now golden opportunities to do so - at little costs.

These to sales would be able to have unrelated pigeons breeding for starters with good blood / unhampered genes to produce birds of sound constitution and vigour. Yes of course new stock to carry on with that regime would be all important! Sadly, but to those benefits, the way it is going the chances are excellent indeed of adding as such! J.M.O

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