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  1. 3rd Open Hot Spot Race 1 'British Masters International OLR'... 23rd & 46th Open Hot Spot Race 2 'Who Dares Wins OLR'... oh happy days!!!

  2. Well done Johan, flying out your skin pal, keep up the good work...
  3. Won the big one today with SUPER MARIO... 1ST UK, 1ST OPEN 486km 1276 entries
  4. WulDon

    Derby Arona

    Derby Arona like the rest of the world have met new challenges this season created by the COVID-19 pandemic... Historically this OLR is renowned for heavy losses every season and is certainly not a OLR for he faint hearted... Being a fanatical follower of this OLR for over a decade and entering pigeons myself, the losses this year have not been any worse than some of the previous years... The sport of pigeon racing even on your own doorstep can result in a disastrous weekend, i can recall Federations in Scotland in recent years not timing from 100 miles on the day, can happen anywhere on the globe... Over the course of the week lets hope more pigeons return from the DERBY ARONA, the toughest One Loft Race in the world!
  5. WulDon


    RIP Kevin... very sad news indeed, condolences to all family members
  6. if you read a bit closer I termed them as 'innaccurate' and not irrelevant, wee trip to specsavers pal, remember your mask!
  7. we all know these figures are inaccurate, and they now term them as 'covid related deaths'...
  8. Spikes will occur all over the UK as more groups of people start to mix through social venues like pubs, etc... Schools due to reopen next week will most probably create spikes, where the majority of classmates havn't been in contact with one another for around 20 weeks, off course wee johnny or mary will get the sniffles, but I can see a whole new level of panic waiting just around the corner here... It is time to live alongside this new normal and accept covid just like the seasonal flu imo... and just go along with government guidelines should symptoms occur, symptoms that most will get over and like any severe case of any viral infection, some will require medical assistance... happy flying guys...
  9. well done, another great pigeon...
  10. Subject to any ammendments, but it looking like we, Donachie & Donaldson, have won the Kardale Trophy awarded to the first yearling flying over 500 miles... SNFC Reims 581 miles. We are over the moon, this having been only our second OB race since we formed the partnership only in February 2020. This yearling hen had her first race ever at SNFC Maidstone, winning 232nd Open... 975 miles in a week.
  11. Donachie & Donaldson sent 6
  12. Sent 19 Donachie & Donaldson
  13. Clearly a lad with disturbing mental issues, and without help, attention or medicinal assistance will only persist and probably worsen. I would be of the same opinion as most on here if he broke into my loft, but a kick in the *expletive removed* or seeing red won't remove or help the deep mental problems or scars this lad has i'm afraid. I'm not saying he has to be pitied, or wrapped in cotton wool... far from it, but mental health is a massive spectrum and he clearly has to be locked up for his own good and safety, and the safety of others... if provoked enough then there is no saying what his next act could be, and as there are signs in a previous post he obviously spiked in a sexual way with some of his sordid acts, then please be on your guard, breaking into pigeon lofts is nothing compared to the damage that such an individual can possibly cause to a family or a community. Just my opinion guys, but if he lived in my area i certainly would be being extra safe, locking my doors and protecting my family... stay safe folks.
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  15. WulDon


    the club still has wages and overheads regardless of how many races, leave it in the bank i would say...
  16. Aberdeen Fed at Alnwick tomorrow, looking good for a race...
  17. WulDon


    big jump for most Feds into Reims
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