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  1. Meant to be Friday but not looking likely
  2. Don't know mate hopefully time will tell
  3. Good Luck to all that sent,hopefully a good race
  4. Well done Andy ðŸºðŸºðŸº
  5. Welldone Top Class ðŸºðŸºðŸº
  6. VMS


    Premature decision IMO
  7. VMS


    One today 9/14 couple that are missing have previous black marks against them
  8. Well done Andy ðŸºðŸºðŸº
  9. Welldone Andrew and your papa you have had a great raceðŸºðŸºðŸº
  10. VMS


    8/14 so happy wi that
  11. VMS


    Few doos in now hopefully won't be long until there in the west
  12. VMS


    Hopefully up tomorrow good luck guys ðŸºðŸºðŸº
  13. VMS


    Good luck to all that sent hoping it's a good race ðŸºðŸºðŸº
  14. Welldone Allan and John ðŸºðŸºðŸº
  15. Will gie you a lesson in bricklaying fur the Delea bird 😀😀
  16. VMS

    Kirkfieldbank Hc

    Well done Andy a great 1,2 in a very difficult race
  17. VMS

    Snfc Bedhampton

    19/25 is good a lot of fanciers in section E would be ecstatic with they returns,not a lot to be disappointed with there
  18. Is that you on the lib line at 5.54 mate
  19. Are you sure your a gaffer 😀😀😀
  20. Not racing down the west Tam imo the birds should have been sent tonight from where I am racing from,so less of the insults Dafty
  21. very poor decision Andrew,shocking
  22. Birds should have been away today,looks like the AV fed are leading the way
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