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  1. Surprised he lasted as long I would have bumped him last season
  2. Sorry Davy,Danny talks wan load of S,hite and on this occasion imo again wan load of S,hite.last year ybs went to Retford around 204 miles to me great race think I had something in the region of 10/12 on the day
  3. Don't know mate just remember the last time the route was changed mid season a certain amount of fanciers had to sign something to call the EGM
  4. Won't be that need a EGM for that keep guessing 😀😀😀
  5. You should be concentrating on the Westerly race points,what you doing at Ypres anyway you don't want to go to race points in the east 😀😀😀
  6. Ok but that's out the East 😀😀😀
  7. Stop living in the past tam it's recent results that count as you told me no that long ago pmsl
  8. It's all about what they do from 500 mile tam will leave the yb glory ta you pmsl
  9. 23 on the day natural march bred youngsters first race 7 next day quite happy wi that if they were bred December and on darkness would be a different story
  10. VMS

    Times & Returns

    22/36 hopeing for a few more tomorrow
  11. Channel races Nae Micky mouse inland stuff pmsl
  12. Happy birthday Harry ðŸºðŸºðŸº
  13. Maybe for you but last time we flew west lost 20 in 5 races compared to 4 in 5 races same year racing east,also all birds schooled down the east for several years nonsensical to change their route to the west,b. good luck to you for the remaining season Also this year loses in single figures full inland club program down the East
  14. Not gloating was more a dig to who voted to go down the west route,good luck for the rest of the season
  15. Sorry Boss 😀😀😀
  16. The men that voted this program will be out in force this weekend 😀😀😀
  17. Your right John all down to the West route even been proven from the channel races personally I will never send birds to a westerly race point again
  18. Who cares the same if I posted on follow follow about pigeons they would be saying who gives a ffk 😀😀😀
  19. Well done William great performance in a extremely difficult race :emoticon-0167-beer:
  20. VMS

    Snrpc Arras

    😀😀😀cheers mate ðŸºðŸºðŸº
  21. VMS

    2017 Nationals

    Forget the inland races leave them to the federations,long distance races have always been extremely difficult and always will be extremely difficult that's the nature of the challenge.last major challenge of the season all going well this Friday good luck to everyone that has chosen to send ðŸºðŸºðŸº
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