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  1. Was a great night and the wee auld man was top classðŸ‘ðŸ‘ðŸ‘
  2. Aye am going looking forward tae it
  3. VMS

    Boxing Tonight

    He’s the real deal Mate get a grand on him Being world champ lol
  4. VMS

    Boxing Tonight

    Here we go Willies fight just starting cmon the hutch
  5. Lanark and springhill abc world amateur champion willie Hutchison making his pro debut tonight just started on David Hayes ring star,this boy is the real deal future world champion imo,Hope he get off to a flyer Great Lad
  6. VMS


    Malky is a cert fur the job
  7. VMS

    New Start

    Forget the stock loft mate get a racing loft up and race them oot
  8. Gordon found wanting at both goals he should have done better
  9. Time for Ricky to retire now
  10. Am hoping to see burns with more desire than his last few fights,am going for a burns win,
  11. VMS

    Billy Bilsland

    Well done to Billy,showing how it easy it is in comparison to flying into the west
  12. Keep me oot of this blaw hame billy :emoticon-0136-giggle:
  13. You can make the next wan mate hopefully be once or twice a month
  14. Easy win fur Celtic but 2 very soft goals to concede from rangers,but should have been a penalty first half
  15. It's definitely King Blawhame Billy that has that crown 😀😀😀
  16. Many roads personally I've got them you better get sucking and hard 😀😀😀😀
  17. Have you phoned king Del fur late breds yet 😀😀😀
  18. Don't be shy men regardless how crap you are,can assure yous I probably will be worse 🤞😀🤞
  19. Could maybe be a name change king Dereck 2😀😀😀
  20. Just you hope fur 3 in a row Danny becos all yous will do in Europe is collect some cash,all that money and the rangers have spent more biscuit tin mentally again
  21. Going on form from memory you also go missing when yous get pumped,so see you in a fortnight Danny 😀😀😀
  22. Next Sunday sees the start of the golf men,would be nice to see some new additions to the usual suspects,canny wait
  23. Been looking at the mighty celtics form 1-1 st Johnstone A serve pumping 5 going on 10 PSG then 4-0 Dundee not great for a super team😀😀😀 Easy win fur the Rangers get your money on morales first goal ðŸ‘ðŸ‘ðŸ‘
  24. 3-2 The Rangers The Rangers to then go on to win the league and stop 3 in a row ðŸºðŸºðŸº
  25. Well done mate that's some team team performance and a great West section win ðŸºðŸºðŸº
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