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  1. most birds through moult, racing cocks flying for about 1hr plus each day, only on a winter mix,
  2. when is the agm for lanarkshire,
  3. started with 81 young birds, lost 15 of the shed, between training and 5 races, i have 54 left,
  4. well done joe, glad your back in the winning seat,
  5. well done again Jim, great flying mate,
  6. hearing .4 of a mile outside of club boundary, would think the member would question the distance,
  7. bigbill


    well done joe,
  8. bigbill


    sorry mate, it was 3870, young bird away today,
  9. bigbill


    ok mate, did not let it go, will feed and water it today, will try and let it go near your place this week,
  10. bigbill


    pick up these birds from moffat, cheq su20f 3926 cheq su18l 1802 cheq nwhu2020c 3870 cheq pd su20l 5719. cheq su21l 10253 apart from the young bird, the rest will get away about 1245, a big well done to mick currie, for looking after these birds,
  11. 2 cracker, from the gillons,
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