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  1. well done all winners, great night,
  2. yes he did a good job,
  3. well done guys, other good show,
  4. Morning all :drinking-coffee-200:
  5. hope all goes well mate, did you get my pm about nest boxes,
  6. only allowed 5 for race mate, will pic from 10
  7. 2 toss today 10/12 so far
  8. there a other page on here with it starting with old cock handling first, ?????//
  9. will drop of the entry money this week Derek, when I over playing golf,
  10. well guys, first training toss for this race today , all broken birds, only went 10 miles, 11/12 so far
  11. bigbill


    willie, still max of 5 birds each class
  12. you trying again big guy,
  13. looking to enter this year also,
  14. got my perches today, the big guy took time out to fit them also. a true gent, thanks bill
  15. still playing up here, still playing up here,
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