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  1. a very helpful chap down that way Tony Austin he could be a member on here not sure he would help you out regards peter
  2. Peter its the same everywhere no accounting for the number of losses black friday black saturday every day is a black day I have never lost so many birds in my lifetime flying pigeons kindest regards to all hope you are having better luck than I am having
  3. great offer well done those birds will do very well in the right hands Wishing everyone on pigeon Basics a very healthy and peaceful christmas regards peter
  4. Fannnnnnntasssstick brilliant result I salute you on your great results kind regards peter
  5. Walter you have time on your side as you are still only a young man wish you the best of luck great to have friends like Massaerlla and you are sure of what you get kindest regards to all peter
  6. lovely story Walter top birds good to see Roland commenting stay safe ya old cogger regards peter
  7. yes a bad time of the year but good birds like those will always find a buyer best of luck someone will be pleased
  8. must say these look quality birds best of luck to the buyer regards peter
  9. great advice as usual Roland when is the book coming out ???
  10. glad to see you continue Peter looking forward to some interesting tit bits
  11. another very interesting read well done my friend regards peter
  12. I agree with the BOP been left to fend for themselves we have been sending them meals on wheels for far too long but this will only work if all fanciers keep their birds isolated for a couple of months while BOP are feeding ? I cant see this happening regards peter
  13. the sad facts fanciers are there own worse enemies must say I always enjoyed Peters writings
  14. not paired up but plenty of 10 mile tosses all roads to Rome bets of luck for the coming season
  15. have seen some of the best lofts come down with sickness due to introducing birds from Foreign lofts I have seen some top lots in Ireland go backward due to bringing in foreign birds ? I am not advocating not to go there are some great birds but you must be careful to quarantine any new birds best of luck to the buyers peter
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