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  1. With a change for the better in the weather the Colony has resumed exercise for a good period. Loft opened at 09.00 and closed at 20.00 !!. Dinner resumed at normal times !!. A bit of fun and games within has developed with 2 Hens wishing to sit a nest when the Cock comes off sitting and mayhem takes over, Just wish there had been a race this week-end as they are both up for it, Apart from that the other 19 Pairs are content and looking splendid with a keenness for their box and appetite remains good. Just a little mention regarding training last week-end here in the metropolis, a pea souper with continuous drizzle was the order for 48 Hours and keeping them in the loft was the order off the day... Training you would have to be mad..
  2. Nosebleed's in the Fechan just at the thought, eh Stevie LOL
  3. With the colony down on eggs this is the time I introduce Naturaline for 8 days into the drinker which I have done for many a year and it appears to do what it says on the bottle, The difference this year with the colony I have noticed, is that when the Loft is opened at 12.00 Hrs all the Hens take to the sky for a lengthy time and only wish to return to the Loft at the appropriate time for returning to the nest whereupon the Cocks will do the same for an Hour or so from 17.00-17.15, This has never occurred in the past as it was always the norm that exercising was the last thing on their mind when sitting. Wee Mary is not amused that Dinner times have had to be changed to a later hour. I did point out to her that when we were employed by the Nobility Dinner was always 20.00 Hrs did not cut the mustard with her as she says we are not Nobles and you can make your own.. Ain't life a Bug*er.
  4. Is that Tiger without his stripes standing there ????.
  5. Some of the nests are now overflowing with the Daily introduction of Marsh Reeds with both Cocks and Hens collecting them, Hens out this afternoon put in almost 2 hours flying which was a surprise and completed the exercise with a salt bath. Going through my Diaries of 15 years ago I disposed of quite a few 12 Bore Cartridges that brought back happy memories especially the one that flew in the back door of the Summer House and out the front door landing 3 feet from me. Perhaps it was suicidal..
  6. Blue Planet on T.V. were showing turtles hatching out of the sand and being scooped up by Sea Gulls and eaten and a chappie in Fife defending his private pond fish from a marauding Sea Gull from catching and eating them was fined £350 for shooting it.. You could not make it up. So much for protecting endangered species and private property. All in to-days newspaper.
  7. With all the Pairs laid safely and no squabbles for a nest box they are on an open loft to roam around the vicinity for 6 Hours daily and hopefully the Terror Eyes balloon will keep the Bassa's away. The 5 Spare Hens are attempting to entice any amorous Cock and will no doubt succeed judging by the goings on up on the roof tops and a pair of lesbians seem to be getting it together so they will be a having a live egg if they find a spare Nest Box to lay in. Oh aye its all turning out nicely.
  8. East is East and West is West !, You stick tae Sprintin as Distance is BEST
  9. So what was wrong with the original Cherbourg route ???.
  10. So the game has not changed !!!!!!!!!!!!! Aye it has in many respects, Far too many to go into detail regards them all. Lofts have changed dramatically, So has Feeding, Racing techniques and medications has given us diseases never before heard off, Stress is not in my old dictionary and the World Wide Web has given us an untold wealth of information. Every pigeon in my loft is a Late Breed that has wintered, grown, moulted and developed in a natural way with daily exercise and feed. Race Routes have been changed and distance races being shortened year in and out. Percy Cameron will be burling in his grave the changes that have been made.
  11. Naw Stevie, Just the opposite especially when you count last years losses and racing being abandoned.
  12. My colony is just going down with the last 3 laying this evening. 12 days from pairing till all laid says their is nowt wrong with the condition off them, Perhaps the Winter exercise has a bit to play. When I have ascertained what has paired to what I may rear a couple of youngsters for the YB Nat but it wont be more than 6 as I will be maintaining my Late Bred programme for youngsters.
  13. Hi Dave, All roads lead to Rome as the saying goes and how you get there and the condition you are in is self inflicted, Personally I could not bring it upon myself to have algae in the birds drinkers in my loft although I know of one who does and has problems every year but still gets a turn back and forth. The Garlic I use are all home grown and at the moment have 90 bulbs in a bed which will be ready in July/August for drying and storing. In the loft over half the colony have laid and the rest are hopefully going down to-night.
  14. Aye OK Kevin, 5 Pairs down on 9 days and hoping the other 15 Pairs are down this evening. It is still a joy watching nose to tail pairs flapping around the sky without a care in the world from mid-day till 17.00 Hrs before being whistled in for their single daily feed. As per usual my yearly method change has occurred and this year have started with a large Garlic bulb skinned then blended and added to 2 Ltrs water with 15 Mls Cider Vinegar, Topping up the drinker with 1Ltr Water every day with C/V included. It fair knocks the down from them and puts a shine on the Wattles and the drinkers are emptied cleaned every Saturday with a repeat off the above.
  15. R.I.P. Condolences to the family.
  16. 6 Days since pairing and the colony has had the freedom with an open loft to do their thing, some are quite content to hang around the nest box while others are touring the sky in a follow the leader fashion in pairs clapping at each other, More reeds are cut in the loft daily and are taken up to line the nests and one or two have overflowed the nest pan. Bathing has restarted after a 5 month break "Dirty Sods" and a thick layer of bloom required power washing to remove it from the bath, The other good piece is the Temp in the Loft has hovered around the 10c mark since pairing.
  17. Took a serious look round the loft to ascertain if I had a burd worth a MILLION QUID and came to the conclusion NAW.. :emoticon-0179-headbang:
  18. 24 Hrs since introducing the girls to the boys and all the Cocks appear to have picked their Hen and are content with the nest provided, No squabbling when they are left to pick their own mate with tranquillity the name of the game.
  19. R.I.P. Condolences to the family.
  20. My colony is fed 1oz per bird of high energy feed daily at the moment and will only increase the rations when youngsters appear next month, It is obvious that the fast eater will have more than the slow eater but that is a problem none of us can solve, What I have noticed is that all are handling beautifully and all droppings are perfect small round balls.
  21. Aye Steve !!, When you have worked all your life till retiring age it is nice to sit back and do what you want without having to be interrupted into doing what others would wish you to do, I am quite happy to spend my remaining years wasting my time watching my birds diving about the heavens and take a lot of pleasure in doing so..
  22. All the chores that required doing in the loft prior to pairing have been completed when the sections were washed down with Jeyes Fluid at the concentration recommended for livestock. One can only hope that all bacteria has been eliminated and a disease free season ensues. I know at present that all is well with the colony as when given their freedom outside they are flying for up to 3 hours before coming back in and appetite is excellent, Cocks are beginning to get restless as they must know that any time now they will have the Hens return and Sunday is just around the corner.
  23. Wishing you a speedy recovery Danny.
  24. NO, As I take precautions at the loft and believe the colony is "street wise" when exercising.
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