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  1. Relocated 6 Magpies that were captured and now zero in the vicinity !! Just like my race team of Yearlings finishing up with 12 from 29 with the last one after 7 days minus wing and tail feathers, So that one is put away till next year. With the older inmates all down on eggs I can perhaps give a few training spins more out of boredom till racing commences (if ever) and moulting allows although I don't see a problem if we disregard all the negativity from certain quarters who appear to know nothing re our sport.
  2. Where I shouldn't have. So will say no more on that subject..
  3. Wondering what to write about under the circumstances we find ourselves, and not being a selfish person (like some), I came to the conclusion that when in my RAV I am totally isolated from all and even carry my loft Air Cap in the event of any problem which could occur. SO with that in mind I gave the Yearlings 4 training tosses without loss, for their 5th I decided to go further afield with the 29 and it would appear they run into a BASSA or two resulting in a massive loss to the colony. 3 days later I now have 11 home well flown down and judging by body loss I would say they had covered 600 miles. BUGGERED and racing still not started. Wee Mary asked if I would be training again this week ? and you can imagine my reply !!, Well that's fine so you can make a start on cutting the hedges that you keep putting off that its too warm, birds nest etc and that will take your mind off your feathered friends, Geez, is their no help for the ?????? ???.
  4. Daily Express to-day page 3.. ""Fancy That Sport Is Back"" Complete with photo 4,000 + racing pigeons liberated. Barnsley Federation racing from Kettering the 90 miles back to South Yorkshire. What are we doing ? waiting for permission from Nocoliar..
  5. Phone for a TAXI as they are still plying for hire..
  6. Yesterday I was saying "Nae Luck" and this morning one obliged, That may save a song birds youngsters says I to Wee Mary who wanted me to remove it from the area, Aye says I, will I take it over to Coxydene and give Tiger the headache. NOT.. What a week-end this has turned out to be !!, Weather wise we were basking in glorious sunshine through the week and now its Souwester and wellies, Colony are just pleased not to be turfed out in it.
  7. Five days since trapping this Magpie and using it as a decoy with no success in capturing more has me wondering !!, Although their are still some around they have never attacked the flock being quite happy to share the roof without mishap !! SO is it possible I have caught the trouble maker which I may keep as a pet. Still caged of course..
  8. Wee Mary when sitting in the garden soaking up the sunshine says, if you are bored why don't you make a start on the hedges !. Well says I heading into the sanctum of the loft avoiding any further discussion for a couple of hours "Busy". That bought me a space in time to come up with an excuse and had a brainwave,, Coming out the loft I said have you noticed the Blackbirds and Hedge Sparrows have been carrying worms etc and its obvious they have a nest in there and feeding youngsters however my dear if you want me to be responsible for their demise then I will make a start. One second later Wee Mary says, will it not be better to wait a couple of weeks !,, Yes that would be a great idea and will you make me a cuppa while I get comfy on my sun lounger. Life in the old dog yet..
  9. Trapping one Maggie has not encouraged others to follow suit with 6 of its pals having a look at it and no doubt laughing at its stupidity in getting caught !!, well that's what it looks like to me.. The loft has been transformed this past few days to look like a burst pillow with the amount of down feathers around requiring hoovering daily which is a welcome problem knowing all is well with the colony. Having resorted to my idea of separation the Hens are out A.M. and the Cocks P.M. for a good exercise high up which is to be expected with small balls of manure deposited and rolling off the V perches onto the floor. I notice that some fanciers are castigating others for training and cannot for the love of me understand what the problem is ??. You basket your birds at the loft then put them in the car where you and they are isolated from any other living creature then drive away for a training toss usually at a place that is devoid of humans and release them, back into the isolation off your car and home for a cuppa. When somebody can tell me where the problem is and prepared to discuss the properties of isolation then perhaps we can stop being negative..
  11. The Magpies are still giving me the run around however the colony is putting in a good hour or so with them now aware that they are troublesome "Just like wee Tiger" LOL. I am sure we are all in the same boat with this Lockdown however we could surely and safely resume racing if we adhere to the BE ALERT issued by our Government and maintain our distances. Judging by the traffic going through the roundabout it is back to normal for motorists and trucks. Pigeon wise, the colony is in fine fettle and on roundabout till training resumes.
  12. It appears to be an impossible situation as they are only putting in an appearance when the colony lands after exercise although the trap which is set 24 Hrs is catching numerous Starlings which I free on every occasion the Bassa's are more concerned in chasing pigeons regardless. It would probably be easier capturing a Tiger although being so stout you would not get through the gate. :emoticon-0136-giggle:
  13. Tried that and fell ower, Help ma boab ah canny even tie ma shoe laces so hiv reverted tae slip oans LOL.
  14. The Bassa finally caught one coming out the bath and although escaping left a handful of feathers on the lawn so the colony in now on lock down till Its caught. All the Hens have now vacated their nests so with the unlikely hood of racing commencing I have separated till the future unfolds. I have went through the colony and am pleased with the results so decided I could find none to dispose of which means I will not be rearing youngsters this year. Nothing,, other than with nigh on 60 inmates the colony is enough for me look after properly, Yearlings will be trained out when Mrs Krankie gives her permission to do so.
  15. Well in the loft to-day a couple of Hens have sat long enough and decided enough is enough and said to their Cocks, Right its time for nookie again and see if you can build a better home (nest) than the last one. Oh and by the way I ain't going outside to get chased by they black & white Bassa's so you will just have to make do inside until the BOSS catches the beggars in that stupid trap. More money than sense I heard wee Mary say to him..
  16. peter pandy


    Sorry for your loss Roland.
  17. Done that yesterday Andy and its still empty, Just wish I had kept a gun, Mind you I have not seen the beggars to-day.
  18. Aye Andy, a china egg out of two nests meant twa disgruntled Hens LOL. Another day passes and still nought captured and the colony is forced into exercise whether they like it or not, Me, I am happy to see them in the air with their rations cut and all in marvellous condition as I ascertained when handling some of them. Slipping through my hands with air sacs full and supple muscles told me all I wanted to know regarding their ability to start racing which unfortunately seems to be put back again with a further lockdown by the U.K. government. As regards another post about trainers going overhead ??, I would have thought they COULD have been Youngsters out running.
  19. Perhaps my patience is letting me down with the Magpie problem, I have continually shifted the trap to new locations in the garden and although I have watched them on my CCTV dancing about the top they have disappointed me by not carrying out the function of being nosey Bassas and taking a drop down. To succeed one must endeavour to persevere !!. Thanks for the info Eastcoaster and am giving your suggestion a couple of days in the one location. Twa Hens in the loft now eying me and wondering why they only have one china when they were sure there was two when the Cock sat down at 11.00 Hrs.
  20. Might I bring to your attention.. Post 1715 on Basics, I sent 19 Hens 160 miles to their first race last year and had 18 from 19 on the shift.
  21. Still having a problem with the magpies, "3", as they appear to have invited their friends along to join in the chase, However watching the antics employed with the amount of disturbance caused I have went on open bowl from 09.00 till 19.45 and reckon the birds are up in the air six hours with 15 minute intervals. At least it is keeping them fit and alert. Feed back on Winter rations once daily at 20.00 Hrs.
  22. You will have plenty to accompany you Walter, So you will not be going yourself, Nothing like a decent jump to get them thinking,, unlike the bleeding hearts who have a headache jumping them 50 miles. Jeez I start mine off at 160 mile with little or no training..
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