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  1. Not being superstitious I sent 13 again to the 240 miler and was 20Mts behind the winner and at the coos tail in the result, It was a funny old race with the Fed being 1 Hour behind all the other Feds on the transporter after a simultaneous liberation !!!!!. Not intending to participate this week with the SNFC Buckingham as I don't believe in Inland Nats nor the politics off how they came about, I wish the few Feds who are running a separate different race all the best, Should I send a couple it will only be for training purposes for the proper Nat races which are over 500 miles into Central Scotia.
  2. They say 13 is unlucky for some and as I could not find a 14th so 13 had to do.. Fridays race came and while expecting an arrival around 1500 Hrs it came and went. 1600 Hrs and the Club Sec phoned to tell me the clocks would be opened at 1700 Hrs and I turned suicidal as I had not seen a feather. Never before have I been so late in a 190 mile club race and do not have a clue as to what the problem could have been, I finished the day with 7 returning which was pretty good when I heard of the returns for the other Club members and massive losses ensued. The next morning was rather dreich although another 2 turned up and that was my lot. I do not think I am wrong in stating that 30% of the entrants are missing and don't go along with the theory that they could not have been good enough. Oh well there is always the next race to make amends and I will be struggling again as my Hens are due to lift and lay this week. The joys in keeping our feathered friends..
  3. Central & Midland 10.20 Wakefield.
  4. The "Dowager's" holiday will have to take a back seat as after X Rays the surgeon says my problem is old age in my Left Hip, Canny spell Athritis, and he will replace it if I wish BUT I will make do with what is left of me. With the team going 24 Hrs earlier it rather knocks my system out and no doubt a few will be thinking the same, However I don't know anyone who works nowadays so we are all in the same boat and the BIRDS welfare come FIRST.. So its 14 Cocks for to-morrow 187 miles which will be their second race this season, A nice wee 100 mile jump.
  5. Sent 19, 2/3 year old Hens for their first race at 160 mile and had an enjoyable race with 18 from 19 on the shift, A wee bit behind the winner but still took 5th Club and 5 in the first 20, The first to the loft was my choice bird as she was sitting 14 day eggs and had to be lifted from her nest at 16,00 hrs for basketing. No pools in our club which is a pity as she would have won them for sure. With another return to the jubilee for a consultation with the Surgeon who replaced my Left Knee to-morrow, it should be interesting as to what he can do to give me some relief for the continuous stiffness and pain. Wee Mary the "Dowager" is hoping I will be kept in as she says she is needing a holiday. :o
  6. Ahem !!, Tommy, You gave me a loan off and I still have it so will return SQUILLS 1946 as soon as possible mate..
  7. Nothing to do with the weather ! But the liberation site !, Nae room at the Car Park due to the yearly Catterick FUN RUN.. Great decision by Lanarkshire who put the birds safety first..
  8. With the crap weather experienced this week it was with trepidation that I gave the Hens 4 training tosses from 20mls and was relieved after them all returning in good fettle, I suppose jumping them into 160mls for their first race this year will be a different kettle of fish but needs must. Sitting in the loft this evening flicking balls of cheese around had them scampering to and fro with the Cocks roaring, letting me know that all is well, and a couple of spare Hens eyeing them up has a wee bit of jealousy creeping into the equation. 48 Hrs and I will know for certain..
  9. Congratulations TIGER, answer yer phone..
  10. You in a different time zone doon there !!!.
  11. Last weeks race from Slaughterburn appears to have been excellent for our club members with quite a few on the Fed result including this poor soul who has 4 on the Fed sheet, Wee Bruv topped it and followed up with Third as well.. ""Keep yer remarks tae yerself Tiger"" LOL. With all my Hens having laid this past few days I will be by-passing this weeks race and will continue in my haphazard fashion in having them ready for the following week.
  12. It has nothing to do with training North or South Kevin and I should have omitted confusion.. In the past I used to give my National birds a final training toss from Perth and always watched them heading North when liberated and out of sight, It would always take them a couple of hours to do the 40 miles which obviously sharpened them up mentally.
  13. The race this coming week is from Appleby with the entire Southern Uplands in front of them and the raptor population is rife in that neck of the woods which is why the Scottish Federations moved to the East side of the country.
  14. With the first race under their belt it was sore returns for this poor sod, It all started well with the Cheq Cock putting in a good performance to the loft but decided to wait and let others put in an appearance before being the gentleman like his daft owner came down from the chimney and let three others go in first after having a little pigeon chat about them being slow coaches on the landing board, He would not have been First in the club against roughly 250 entrants but would certainly have been Second. The team performance I could not complain about as I had 7 in the first 20 and 12 within 15 minutes had me believing it would be full returns in jig time however him upstairs decided enough was enough and three hours later I had the 13th from 17 sent and that was it. Where the other 4 went is a bit hurtful as they were 2/3 Y.O. with plenty racing experience. I have this thing about Slaughterburn and the returns from the Club members seem to prove the point. I will not be sending with the Club next week as I do not see the point in starting East then going West then back to East serves no purpose except confusion. OMO..
  15. Well I sent all 17 race Cocks driving to Slauterburn and had my eye taken with a 2 Y/O Chequer which was jumping up and down 3ft in the air continuously for an hour before basketing which was rather unusual as I don't recall that type of experience before, It should be interesting to see whether it is a feature of form or just a daft Doo. Mind you it handled excellent, the eye was brighter than normal, and lovely warm feet..
  16. I should have mentioned the Cocks had another 20 miler on Thursday with another tail wind and all were ensconced in the loft within 20 Minutes, mmm !!. This had me checking wattles for scorch marks.
  17. Aye Andy, I had my first Pre Op 5 months ago and the surgeon said he would have me in for an emergency operation before Xmas !!, He did not say which year though LOL. However with the first race put back 24 Hrs will see me perhaps sending a reasonable team of Cocks as the Hens are all being chased back for their second round on eggs.
  18. Both Feds put back race marking 24 Hours.
  19. First race in a couple of days had me giving the Cocks a 20 miler on Easter Monday which they covered in 20 Minutes with the wind up their backsides, Following day was total cloud cover and dull so was a no-go, To-day the same and temp dropped to 10c and a kick in the crutch to keep it company with word of another Pre-Op on Saturday morning so I will give this week a body swerve and see what transpires for race 2. Aye it never rains but pours on this poor soul..
  20. I should have explained myself a little better and that I only give Garlic for 3 weeks prior to racing. The reason being that Garlic not only destroys Bad Bacteria but Good Bacteria as well, However Cider Vinegar acidifies the crop and gut which replenishes the Good Bacteria and the destructive Bacteria cannot survive in an Acidic environment. Sorry if I have mislead anyone and nobody has queried the Post.
  21. With just over one week to go before racing commences I will in all intensions start training daily with short distances encouraging their homing and fitness abilities to develop without upsetting their equilibrium. There have been times in the past when I would have no qualms about starting them off at 100 Miles with confidence however with last years virus affecting the flock I will take it slowly and watch developments, although I am confident all will be well. The colony certainly look the part and have performed extremely well exercising over the Winter months to leave me confident that all is well within, however this sport has a tendency to kick your *expletive removed* when you least expect it.
  22. With the entire colony sitting china eggs for the past 10 days or so I was dumfounded to see a baby between 2 china eggs in a nest box, !!!, Being a soft hearted auld git I have left it to grow and have named it ""ALL ALONE"".
  23. The Garlic I grew last year was a disaster so this year I have been purchasing the large garlic bulb from Morrisons which comes in its own mesh bag, Now I peel and skin the cloves before blending them then put the chopped up Garlic back in the mesh bag and reseal it, Drop it into the drinker and add 2 Ltrs water then top up daily for 7 days, Dump and repeat. Birds look marvellous on it and it is supposed to help kill Bacteria causing Cocci, Canker and worms, I should add that I include 10/15 Mls Cider vinegar when I top up with 1 Ltr water daily.
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