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  1. Birds liberated 0730 good luck all
  2. From what I've read the 3 fanciers who's birds were in said basket have accepted it and result stands.
  3. Hopefully it's all clear enough for liberation to start around 10am
  4. Took 2 screenshot an hour apart. You can see its burning off
  5. Who's transporter is it that sits at Mary's house? With SNFC plastered all over the back? Excuse my ignorance. I thought that was the snfc transported.
  6. 280 to me ill send 2 Or 3
  7. 2x1 1x2 2x3 1x4 1x6 1x9 1x10 Fed out of 5 races and some lower positions too. Started off a great season so far.
  8. Message buff on here. It might be local to him.
  9. Well done guys. Yous get it tough down there.
  10. Cheers Alf I'll call her tomorrow.
  11. Hi guys just wondering if any you know if the shu is open as normal yet to talk on the telephone to someone regarding a club matter?
  12. A shambles of a young bird program. 6 races and not even 100 miles. The member who voted on this should be racing milers
  13. 👌 couldn't have said it better
  14. This would be fantastic. Nothing in my loft ready for it for 2021 but would certainly look to go in 2022 and do all I can to help. Section D
  15. About time you enjoyed your birds. There not getting the chance. Be good racing against you this year. Thanks for your service the past couple of years
  16. Place out linlithgow way pardovan feeds i think its called
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