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  1. Sorry to hear the sad news a true gentleman in our sport thoughts are with Malcom and the family
  2. Hi guy’s I’m trying to get in contact with billy but no answer the birds are his I will keep trying to get him cheers
  3. Well deserved Jim great flying mate
  4. old owl

    Cal 50

    Well done Callum great flying mate
  5. Congratulations,well done
  6. old owl


    Hope you have a great time down there mick
  7. Brilliant Craig getting your rewards for all the hard work
  8. Sorted owner knows about the birds
  9. Lot 17 £20 (old owl)
  10. Happy retirement Linda put your feet up and enjoy your life ahead
  11. Bloody cheerful *expletive removed* grim reaper hasn’t got a look in against you Danny
  12. Glad to hear your doing well mate
  13. I only met Hugh a few times a true gentleman my thoughts are with his family at this sad time
  14. Nice looking birds mate especially the third one
  15. Thoughts are with the family george will be missed by all his friends at clarkston club
  16. Happy birthday James did you forget to add your school years to your age
  17. Can anyone help I’m looking for Ralph Valentti( Coatbridge) phone number please
  18. Well done Lewis great flying
  19. Well done Lewis great flying mate
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