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  1. Lanarkshire birds collected from Raymond white today at Gretna, these birds will be released at Hamilton or eurocentral tomorrow depending on weather unless otherwise requested Su 20 L 3165 Su 20 L 7521 Su 20 L 917 Su 20 L 369 Su 19 L 11684 Su 18 L7285 Su 20 W 53.
  2. Eby

    Lanarkshire Birds

    Lanarkshire birds released today at 6.10 am at eurocentral, hope they all made it home.
  3. Birds picked up from Raymond white at Gretna today, I will release these birds tomorrow at some time around about Hamilton technology park unless otherwise requested. Su18 L 1319 Su19 L 2308 Su 20 L 3486 Su 20 L 8068
  4. Lanarkshire birds picked up from Raymond whites today and released at Hamilton 11am Su19L5388/5285/390 and 3841.
  5. Eby


    In tonight GB 17 A 20569,
  6. Eby

    Returned Bird

    It was my pleasure good to see them getting home
  7. Happy to hear one got home okay
  8. L Lanarkshire strays picked up from Michael Currie yesterday released today at Hamilton technology park at 9am Su 16 L 8663 Su 16 L 10667 Su 16 L 4572 Hope you get them guys
  9. Eby

    Lanarkshire Fed

    Just a pity that some federation member couldn't do the same when it comes to there fed.
  10. Eby

    Su 15 Av 1188

    SU 15 AV 1188a red chq pick up from Stiggy in Dumfries yesterday was lib today at Livingston today hope it made it home
  11. Eby

    In Today

    Hi dale what route are you taking to. Maybole I can meet up with you .
  12. Eby

    In Today

    Sorry should be SU 14 P 7698
  13. Eby

    In Today

    In to day su 16P 7698
  14. Eby


    Got to agree with you there robert and unfortunately it's the ones with the most power that are dictating.
  15. Eby


    sorry Robert it will never happen in our Fed ,but we can always live in hope
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