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  1. lost a load of detail trying to do this one !!. oh well , sure youll get the gist of the story.
  2. i had 3 pairs of race birds locked up in the stock loft after moving 2 years ago . wishing to reduce "prisoners" I thought i will try & break them ! all 3 years old , will it work ? they had the last 3 or 4 flights cut on one wing. (not yet moulted out) . walked a so five "older birds" to join the team again. i also had a 5 year old cock , raced at the old address, could i break him too ? had him in a cage on the grass for a week . he was also "cut down" but just the 2 last remaining flights. tried him out yesterday , and he took to my woodpile , which is nearly 6 foot tall , and near the loft. looking around for 10 minutes or so, other birds were flying around. next time i looked , no sign of him ? he wasnt here when they were called in around 4pm , well i thought , another gone . maybe too much to ask of a 5 year old. almost back in the house ,,,, and he came back ,,, and ,,, flew around , and around for over an hour and a half . so he done a 70 mile round trip back to the old place, then flew for and 1 & 1/2 . just wish i had tried to break them when i moved down .
  3. i have watched videos with the same narrator before , many facts stated are wrong !
  4. well done , and i hope somebody can help you by returning the favour .
  5. ive 8 , had 2 tosses at 3 mile last week . flying well at home . will pick the odd day out in the next month before locking down to moult them out.
  6. the bird is traveling North to Edinburgh . if no contact by the end of the day , bird will be liberated on Wednesday !
  7. SU 21 AV 2225 , i have collected this bird (along with a few others) from a friends loft . tried the contact number in the book, no answer. is it yours ? it would be better being collected (if possible) his birds were being fed and watered by a non fancier neighbour. were out on a daily basis, so it may have been there sometime. PM me if needed.
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