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  1. 23/24 last week 7/7 this week happy days with the returns with lanarkshire fed..the reason a do not know but not complaining loose more in training.
  2. Very interesting an hope you keep it up
  3. Bobby4

    Su 19 W 637

    Hi a think the person has phoned Robert
  4. Bobby4

    Su 19 W 637

    Hi thanks for that I have pm the phone no to you
  5. Bobby4

    Su 19 W 637

    Thanks for that a will pm the phone number off non fancier
  6. Bobby4

    Su 19 W 637

    Bird found any takers
  7. Bobby4


    Lanarksire fed lib 8.00 lt n.e wind
  8. 1st time i have been down that way for years .been going east on m8 but thats the same .think a will let danny train mine out eurocentral lol
  9. thats the way john . A seen them saturdy getting turned tommy an they all headed south first ones was 1hr 20 min
  10. 1st toss saturdsy just short off abington 1st time in years 32 lib 1 home ripped an 6 missing all yrlg raced to hexham last year.
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