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  1. 2nd toss way ybs same plac all home had the vaccine wore off.an also a whole club used same vaccine no problems come on tommy answer in writing lol
  2. 2 first tosses 10ml 2019 2021.2019 paramyxo vaccine from vet.2020 10ml vaccine from mercasystems dbl vaccine paramyxo paratyphoid same result .you said a took them to far so big dannyy van is taking mine to eurocentral this year.lol
  3. An you know thats not the reason .tell everybody why tommy an tell them your going to sort it this year
  4. Get mine from mercasystems triple vax paramyxo paratyphoid an bronchitis £64 100 doses ther in a cuple days Mercasystems
  5. Bobby4

    Bigda Here

    Good to hear from you danny
  6. Good luck looks great .travelled that road 3 times last year an hardly seen a bird in the sky deff a great route atb
  7. The site needs a bit excitement not pishy pishy lol get bigda back hopefully get football cancelled an they can win 3/4 off a trophy .mon the gers
  8. Get over 54 an 55 expletive remove .yes table has turned srart from the beginning now.what has celtic got to do with hibs v rangers.
  9. That ended when sevco took over.we are still going.
  10. Bobby4


    Not bad 22 repys an over 2000 views for someone not even commenting.
  11. Bobby4


    Could be doing way him back bore the tights aff you on here .always good for a laugh hope your feeling better Danny after having a couple off strokes atb danny
  12. Bobby4

    Xmas Race ?

    You couldn make that up shockin
  13. Bobby4

    Xmas Race ?

    Yes i looked forward to it every year an was always well run with del an co .
  14. 1st link sparrowhawk 2nd link perrigrine
  15. For the motherwell game am talkin about lol
  16. Theres more than perrigrines migrate that would be there answer
  17. Back to chapel the morra lol
  18. Allover 364th entries 1085 started way roughly 2000
  19. https://www.facebook.com/Campeonatos.Internacionais.Columbofilia.Mira.OLR/posts/mira-one-loft-race-2020one-of-the-oldest-most-reliable-best-organised-and-presti/2747460525277502/
  20. Cheers Derek in way a couple welsh boys in ma bro club sadly they got lost in the semi so 1 left for sat .better than watchn that shitey football lol
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