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  1. I have sent the info to my bro in south wales an he can spread it about down ther .
  2. If it was posted to another site it would do a lot off help
  3. I have sent it 50 more ppl today get them sent guy everyone count that an the bird flu could possibly help our pigeons.
  4. Iam not on any other sites it would help if someone is an could put the link up.👍
  5. For ban on artificial nests getting built look it up https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/617720
  6. You have had a great year joe wel done
  7. Uddingston bird could be davy youngs
  8. All sorted thanks will .yb all ghe wsy to buckie from wooler 2 weeks sgo
  9. Lanarkshire away at 7 alnwick good luck
  10. Vince hendry doo thanks to big tommy its back home
  11. It has no wing stamp so a will report it to rpra today pointless putting it into stray basket.
  12. All sorted thanks
  13. Didnt see number phone shortly
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