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    Fars Ma Doos

    East winds this Saturday in Fife,the y/birds don't like that. 07:00 NE 2 mph to 3 mph 14°C 0 mm 47 % 1018 mb 10:00 E 5 mph to 5 mph 17°C 0.1 mm 44 % 1018 mb 13:00 E 8 mph to 8 mph 20°C 0.1 mm 17 % 1017 mb 16:00 E 9 mph to 12 mph 19°C 0.1 mm 3 % 1016 mb
  2. Phil the lad in Dundee that has my ybird is Alex Donaldson,if we could get both birds together in one place,it would be easier to pick up.
  3. Thank you Doosstcoms,we will have to try and get both birds together so you have just the one pick up and in a box.
  4. I have a Young bird reported in Dundee too any help would be much appreciated.
  5. Got 3 more back this morning,how about you guys.?
  6. The leading pigeons did it in a good time,I think the others hung around the race point.
  7. Good morning to all.
  8. DODC

    Racing Today

    There is still a lot of electricity in the air ,I think that was a factor in the returns.
  9. DODC

    Racing Today

    There are 5 pair in Aberdeen and 4 more to Stonehaven.
  10. DODC

    Racing Today

    I have a peregrine above my loft every day,nothing we can do about it,and the kit of young birds head straight for it.
  11. Weather in Aberdeen is fantastic,great day for a race.
  12. DODC

    Nrcc Lerwick

    North by northwest got the wind behind them.
  13. Fenel is not a cure for YBS,but it has qualitiess to prevent,just make a tea with it and put it in water
  14. DODC

    Jos Thone Ybs

    I can also vouch for quality have some myself,the real deal.
  15. Happy birthday Jack,hope you have a great day ;D ;D ;D
  16. DODC

    R I P

    Billy was a pure gent. R.I.P
  17. Well done Jim McKerron ,and all that got birds today.
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