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  1. Rest in peace Fred,you will be missed by many.
  2. Hi guy's wonder if any one in Dundee / Forfar area can pick up a pigeon from a non fancier in Inchture,Bird belongs to myself In Aberdeen.
  3. DODC


    I will give him a call tomorrow,thank you.
  4. DODC


    Just dropped in Red chec y/bird Su 20 NE 5246
  5. DODC


    A W Robertson Edinburgh 12:53 G Turnbull Duns 12:52 E Hodgson & Sons Annan 13:11 W L Bilsland Ayton 12:39 Brown & Black Dalkeith 12:52; 13:16;13:48; 13:48; 13:49 C K Hannah Ecclefechan 13:01 A Orr & Son Brightons 13:27; 14:34; 14:34 Newcombe & Black Macmerry 12:56 T Manger Bo'ness 13:39 J & G Whitson Pencaitland 13:01 L Mitchell Edinburgh 12:48 D Bridges Milton of Balgonie 13:39 A S Thomson & Son Port Seton 13:38 J Bird Prestonpans 13:51; 13:55; 14:01 J Mark Tranent 13:56; 14:00 S Diamond Star of Markinch 14:05; 14:39; 14:48 A Kenny Tranent 14:15 Mrs L Hay Dumfries 14:12 J Dalgliesh Ecclefechan 13:41 W McEwan Kellas 14:16 Grant, French & Son Section B 14:35 G Baxter Methil 14:16; 14:34 J Smith Polmont 13:49; 14:00; 14:16; 14:25; 14:25; 14:29; 14:47 W Flockhart Tranent 14:05; 14:15 R Cook Rosyth 14:32 J McNeill Broxburn 13:08 J & G Peggie Methil 14:37 C Bonnington Ormiston 14:24; 14:39; 14:53; 14:55; 14:57; 15:06 J Mullen Lumphinnans 15:01 B Kinnear Pitlessie 14:01; 14:30 A Williamson Aberdeen 15:35; 16:14 D Hay Kirkintilloch 14:51; 15:18; 15:21 F Robertson Edinburgh 12:46 J Coutts & Son Kintore 16:20 W Gilmour Ecclefechan 12:59 E McClintock Gorebridge 14:42
  6. Keep your hens in good nick,don't let them pair up.feed 50% barlay no heavy mix,feed them a racing mix on basketing day.so they are not looking for food when you put with the cocks.If they leave the barley your feeding too much.
  7. Do you exercise them out.?
  8. You want your pigeons to be plump and light ,not like turkeys.last time I fed tic beans was 40 yrs ago.
  9. DODC

    Wing Stamps

    The poor bu**ers get a hard enough time of it in 100 mile races,never mind 300 miles.
  10. DODC

    Wing Stamps

    Put your Fed stamp on them nothing anyone can do about that,as long as its not a personal stamp.
  11. DODC

    Wing Stamps

    Go on to their site . STRAY REPORTING It is not unusual for racing pigeons to come down for a rest, especially during training or racing. If you wish to do so please provide food, bird seed or uncooked rice or lentils are all suitable – please ensure water is available in a deep dish, please DO NOT feed racing pigeons bread! Once the racing pigeon has had food and water (a bit like a “pit stopâ€) it will probably decide to continue its journey home – indeed if you remove the food and water after a maximum of 48 hours this should encourage it to complete the final leg of its journey home. If after a few days (or if the pigeon is obviously injured or showing signs of distress) it may be necessary to contain the bird in such a way as not to injure it – so that it cannot fly away (ie cardboard box). In the first instance you will need to check that the pigeon has a ring on its leg. If the pigeon does not have a ring on its leg, it is more likely a wild or feral pigeon rather than a racing pigeon. Should you find a stray racing pigeon and open its wing, you may find, stamped on one or more feathers, the name and address and/or telephone number of the owner. Alternatively the name and address of the owner may be found on another ring on the pigeon’s leg. If this is not the case then please follow the instructions below. PLEASE USE THE STRAY REPORTING SYSTEM ONCE YOU HAVE TRIED THE STEPS LISTED ABOVE. GB rung pigeons please visit the Royal Pigeon Racing Association web site www.rpra.org or telephone: 01452 713529 SU rung pigeons please visit the Scottish Homing Union web site www.shuonline.co.uk or telephone 01698 768939 Thank You
  12. Not a problem to get it on AB Transporter Davie.
  13. Apart from no tail and 3 inner flights gone,the Y/b looks great,I think I will feed mine oatmeal.
  14. Where in cults is it. I could pick it up for you,tomorrow.
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