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  1. Each Federation should lobby the unions to move off their a**s and take it up with the government,its their duty we pay fee's,this sport will be wiped out in no time. we are to blame too,we send our young birds to that carnage.
  2. Too much water. It happens more often to tomatoes that are starting to ripen, mainly because the outer skin becomes more fragile as the tomato ripens.
  3. Some fanciers don't race young birds.
  4. I have peregrines twice a day above my loft,in the whole season up till now they have taken two,there is 4 pairs in Aberdeen,we have just got to live with it or pack in.
  5. Bop gets blamed for everything ,It was a strong west south west wind the birds was out at sea,take North fed pigeons,from Brechin, Peterhead doing 1800 the other clubs doing 1500.
  6. Broken cloud ,sun is shining ,going to be a good day.
  7. I had a open loft years ago when I flew natural,the weather changed one day when I was at work and fog rolled in never saw the hens again,all the cocks was sitting.
  8. I do agree with you, the climate is changing fast and weather is getting wetter. Young birds would benefit from it even if you breed early and on darkness all you have to do is keep them on it a bit longer. More chance to get training in too. Even this old foggy knows we have to change.
  9. We might get a hour window in the afternoon,morning is crap.
  10. DODC

    How Much Feed?

    A av.pigeon weight is 14 oz you want them to have a good body and light, old fat is heavy, birds don't fly in this condition, so you need the new fat, look at the skin on the breast it should be pink and not white. If they are not exercising they could be too fat and not hungry, getting the balance right is a factor. Just remember some birds will eat faster than others, don’t have the feed in when you’re taking them in as the first ones will eat most of it, say if two don’t come in take the two oz off the amount you are feeding, that two will get the next time you exercise and feed. They will soon learn.Once you have this control increase a bit not much.I use mostly a oil seed mix,but do give them 50% protein on Thursday evening and Friday morning ,just a very light feed Friday morning for sending to race.
  11. We should extend season and go Arbroath next week.
  12. Monday no better,boat sailed.
  13. Come on the Bhoys ,Hail hail
  14. Xc weather Saturday was better than Sunday.
  15. Best of luck guy's.
  16. Very humid and not much broken cloud in Aberdeen. 11:00 ENE 2 mph to 2 mph 19°C 0 mm 16 % 1019 mb 12:00 ESE 3 mph to 5 mph 19°C 0 mm 29 % 1019 mb 13:00 ESE 6 mph to 6 mph 19°C 0 mm 33 % 1019 mb 14:00 ESE 7 mph to 7 mph 18°C 0 mm 25 % 1018 mb 15:00 ESE 7 mph to 7 mph 18°C 0 mm 7 % 1018 mb 16:00 ESE 6 mph to 6 mph 18°C 0 mm 24 % 1018 mb
  17. Yes it was very nice to see them home.
  18. I remember when you lost Y/birds on Saturday and woke Sunday to see them line the loft.That days are long gone,good to see you got two more home Mathew.
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