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  1. This is a very good eye,and welcome in my stock loft. 8) 8)
  2. I had a young bird with the same symptoms (the bird had been eating grass) which I lost at a toss on 13th July the bird was picked up in a school playground close to death. I would like to thank M Shields of East Wemyss who kindly looked after it, I received it back yesterday a bit down but in good health. Thanks to him.
  3. They are thier most dangerous after a long spell of rain. At my young bird every day Don't give in!!
  4. A larsen trap would not sort my problem i would have to put it in mid air :B :B
  5. Looks as if you will have to get up early .Stevie :B :B :B
  6. Best of luck to all that has birds away today ;)
  7. DODC

    saturday libs

    I think it was the best call, totaly overcast even with the wind behind them they mut get a good start.
  8. What we have is on its way to you :o
  9. I would'nt go out and fly a kite in Scotland today. ??) ??)
  10. You going to church , is that a laugh or what ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
  11. DODC


    The forecast for sunday is the same. :o
  12. The forecast over the hole of Scotland from friday till sunday not very good overcast with rain North north west wind. http://www.xcweather.co.uk/
  13. DODC

    09 AB 37

    :-/Sorry it should have been S Robertson
  14. DODC

    09 AB 37

    BONACCORD RPC S.Roertson 01224 691942
  15. Hope you have better luck this week stevie ;)
  16. DODC

    Libs today 10/08/08

    Raining in Aberdeen, and very overcast . hope you get more home Bluetooner.
  17. Well done John Williamson ,Aberdeen 13.52 :) :) 8)
  18. Well done to all that have got birds, hope the N. sec times in shortly :) :) 8)
  19. Flowers of Sulphar mixed with Glycerine into a paste Kills feather mite.
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