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  1. cracking looking young birds good luck with them Paul
  2. we have lost 4 yearlings all in the first race,but lost 5 around the loft flying out ??????????? Paul
  3. nice offer m8,pity your thinking of giving up but if you do you will miss them. Paul
  4. congrats to the both of you,hope mum and baby are doing fine. Paul&Diane
  5. was going to say had e-mail from Jilly to say Thanks to everyone from the site, but dont need to now but what a lovely lady. Paul P
  6. she was just worried that it gets home ok and and its looked after when it gets there. it would of been nice for the owner to ring and say thanks[jmo]
  7. Just spoke to the lady and she has said the bird has now gone, but she was disappionted the people she had phoned had not got back to her yet. I have told her if it comes back to ring and i will go and get it. Paul P
  8. will send her a message sometime today if she can contain it i will pop and get it but working today , paul
  9. R.I.P Tooshy Boy our thoughts go out to all his family Paul & Diane
  10. we are racing from messac with the BBC and from Carentan with the Inter Counties Fed
  11. I would also love to see Chelsea and I think they will win 2-1
  12. great result for you m8, im told you win a car brillant:emoticon-0123-party: Paul
  13. grizzal

    Sundays Weather

    same here just going to let the cock birds out and clean out
  14. birds look in great nick m8,good luck for the coming season.
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