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  1. I cant see there being a problem with space on the wagon, might not have enough crates to leave until the week after but will still have plenty of room on the wagon after ob and yb have been basketed. Its irrelevant to me what the fed does as I am not racing with Aberdeen fed anymore but you could race saturday on and sunday yb, if you had a driver willing to drive both days, could have ybs race shorter races and could even basket sunday morning and lib sunday afternoon. There are plenty of ways forward but there seems to be 1 set of people who are unwilling to see any chance at all happen in the fed and that is what will stop yous progressing forward.
  2. No mate. I would of paid alot more than it went for but they only work of the internet bids. Did you get any from the 2nd sale?
  3. It shouldn't be down to luck, surely the bidder should be able to continue bidding if it goes any higher. You could look at the online auction and see what the winning bid was and then go to the live auction and have an idea what the winning bidder was willing to pay and now they cant alter there bid. For yourself to win 1 from 5 and I win 1 from 6, that in itself should show it doesnt work. I have only bid on 1 this time and bid way over the amount it was on.
  4. The online auction is not the actual auction, the winning bidder has someone to attend the live auction in a room in ireland and that person opens the bid at your highest bid and will bid for you up until the amount you are willing to go to. I was the winning bidder on 6 birds in the 1st auction, then was contacted and told I only actual won 1 at the live sale. First time i have seen an auction work that way.
  5. If it was down to to the fancier and his birds health that make up all the losses, surely those who regularly treat their birds and stick to a strict regime will have a loft full of birds, as they dont have many or no losses? Even top fliers experience bad losses and surely they know a pigeons health, unless they just get lucky to be at the top of the sheet each week. Sounds like you follow a treatment regime, did you suffer many losses the last season or 2?
  6. I take it there will be no pedigrees again, you should state clearly in the sake that these birds you auction cant be raced. I bought a bird last year and it ended up getting given away as no transfer papers was provided.
  7. Will the transfer papers be provided with the birds this time?
  8. I dont even know much about pigeons never mind how things are suppose to be officially, I just know what happened in mine and Rachel's situations and it doesn't match to what you say. Some people are interested in racing birds some are interested in the letter of the rules, each to their own, I go by what I see for myself and not what people say.
  9. I dont remember any other new members when I joined, they did when rachel joined. McKay collected the scanner when i joined, if that makes him responsible for it surely gibby wouldn't of done mine, it would of been McKay.
  10. If the club members could do it, how come I had to wait for the fed to do mine? Then Rachel's the next year? I was told by yourself as you was the secretary then, that it had to be done by gibby?
  11. Might of been a good idea to put a date on the sale details, stating when the payment deadline was.
  12. You will get a variety of different answers to that question as there is so many different combinations of feeds. Some people dont race birds but will still give you an answer, some cant keep a bird healthy but will provide an answer,some cant time a bird in race time but will give you an answer.
  13. Do you have Facebook? There is a few sites with a lot of good information on there, I'm sure you will get the information or help you need there. Good luck with your racing and hopefully your name will be at the top of the sheet. If you dont manage to get the information or help you need, pm me and I will do my best to help you out.
  14. Hi mate, he doesn't race in either of the clubs I race in.
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