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East Of Scotland Fed

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East of Scotland fed top ten from Newark . flown Sat 20th May / 16 and libbed 10.30 am in a West South West wind.



1st Mr&Mrs Burgess ,,,,,, vel 1415.

2nd J.B.McNeil ,,,,,,,,,, vel 1408.

3rd J.Bird ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, vel 1408.

4th J.B.McNeil ,,,,,,,,,, vel 1408.

5th J.B.McNeil ,,,,,,,,,, vel 1407.

6th T.Waddell ,,,,,,,,,, vel 1393.

7th R.MacIntyre ,,,,,,,,, vel 1393.

8th T.Waddell ,,,,,,,,,, vel 1393.

9th Mr&Mrs Burgess ,,,,,, vel 1392.

10th J.B.McNeil ,,,,,,,,, vel 1392.


only decimals seperated many of the birds , well done all timers :pidge:

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