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Down the old west road


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Well done to Lanarkshire fed on going back down the west side of the country it's not going to be easy as the birds have the east side embedded in to there mindset but it is the best thing as far as training and transporting goes, straight down the 74 should see the cost of training go down for someone who stays next to the 74, as far as raptors go there everywhere and that's a fact, as I said it will take a few years to get the best out the west side so be patient and all the best to them who dare đŸ€žđŸ‘

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the problem that fanciers had 100 years ago when we all raced the west or centre route is still there and has never been sorted and that is a strong east or south east wind takes the birds over to the Irish sea and Ireland  resulting in heavy losses and the same thing will happen again now even more as our climate over the past 5or6 years or more has been east winds for most of the old bird season most losses are between 100 and 250 miles when birds are libbed in strong east or southeast winds its nothing new and it will happen again if we keep repeating the same stupid mistakes our forefathers made so how do we sort it when we have a strong east or southeast wind forcast the race controller must have the power and the bottle to send the birds to a more easterly race point so the birds have the time to get there line before they end up in Ireland and lost and another meeting called to go back east blaming it on Hawks its bad race controlling yes there will be hawks same as the east route but first and fore most its the east wind 

hence the reason we do not have as many losses in east winds when racing from the east the birds get time to get there line before there blown to Ayrshire and Ireland where they have never been 

and any Ayrshire birds libbed with us with the help of the wind will help drag lanarkshire birds where they do not want to be noting against the Ayrshire boys there route is hard enough but its the same for them and us when the winds are in the west and the east coast birds with the help of the wind drags our pigeons over to the east coast its common sence we cant keep doing the same thing and expect a different result dont wait till it happens find a few easterly race points we can get into at short notice even if its not RPRA a field will do in such a scenario no one will want to be told we lost half the convoy because we could not get in anywhere else lets plan now and give our birds every chance to get home 

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