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Angus & Dundee federations young bird auction


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Sale commences 19.00.00 Tuesday 18th April and ending 19.59.59 Thursday 27th April.

No 5 minute rule will apply.


Starting bids on all lots will be £30.

Phone bids / further information contact Brian Donnelly 07707006647,  George Briggs 07538736497

Please note minimum bid on all lots are £5.


Cheques should be made payable to Angus Fed of Racing Pigeon Societies.Please state Lot number

To G.Briggs 37 Gourdie Place,Dundee DD2 4RH

Bank transfers Mr G.Briggs account number 77351868       87-68-10 Please State Lot number, Thank you 

Lot 1 – Peter Vitue, Cockburnspath. – multi first national winner in SNRPC & SNFC. One of the best distance lofts in the UK.


Sire of yb - 4th open SNRPC Chelmsford, 5th open SNRPC Billericay, 24th open SNRPC Reims, 24th open SNRPC Reims, 36th open SNRPC Reims, 47th open SNRPC Reims.


Dam of yb – First yearling national SNRPC Arras, 2nd open SNRPC Arras.   Bid £50 The Pouter.Paid Thank you 


Lot 2 – Billy McEwan, Dundee – very consistent loft from all distances. Billy has been 2nd & 3rd open SNFC in recent years. Federation fancier of the year four times.


Sire of yb – son of Bruce McKenzie’s “Red Tornado”. “Red Tornado “ winner of 1st open SNFC Clermont.  


Dam of yb – Blue, bred by Bruce McKenzie.This pair of birds have bred numerous fed and national positions for Billy including 1st Sec, 18th open SNFC Huntingdon young bird national, which in turn bred 3rd Sec, 116th open SNFC Upper Heyford.     Bid £75 dumyat.  Paid Thank you 


Lot 3 – David Liddle, Forfar – this loft has been winning for decades at club, fed, combine & national level. SNRPC section C averages winners 2020.    


Sire of yb – SU16AF767 [ stock ] – The sire of 767 is SU11AF520, 6th Sec 21st open SNFC Reims, 11th sec 49th open SNFC Maidstone, 32nd sec 119th open SNFC Clermont. The dam of 767 is a daughter of SU01AF2188 1st club, 1st fed, 1st Grampian Combine Maidstone. 2188 was a multiple federation winner for David and probably the best pigeon he has ever raced.


Dam of yb – SU20AF1260 [ stock bred by Gavin Ferguson ] – sire of 1260 is a son of “Sun Princess”, 1st sec 1st open SNFC Roye and is a silver award winner for Ian Scott. Dam of 1260 is a daughter of “Balnuith Dreims”, 1st sec 1st open SNFC Reims for John Wiseman.

The young bird will be ready at end of sale.        Bid £40 GR.  Paid Thank you 


Lot 4 – Mark Young, Dundee – Mark has made a big impact in a short period of time with his team of Frans Zwols., winning federation young bird average trophy, best young bird trophy,  Leicester trophy and federation fancier of the year 2022.


Sire of yb – “1133” winner of 2nd club, 2nd fed, 2nd Combine Newark, 261st open SNFC Upper Heyford.


Dam of yb – SU20DF809 – winner  in 2022 of 5th fed, 7th combine Wooler, 16th fed, 20th Combine Darlington, 17th fed Wakefield, 5th fed, 5th Combine Newark, 1st club, 1st fed, 1st Combine Newark [ liberated along side Pentland fed and beating their fed winner by 9 ypm ], 7th fed , 12th Combine Wooler, 1st club, 2nd fed, 3rd Combine, 5th sec 22nd open SNRPC Huntingdon.

Full pedigree to buyer.           Bid £45 Aurel1234.....Paid Thanks


Lot 5 – Dennis Anderson, Annan – Past SNFC national winner plus numerous outstanding performances over the years. 2nd open SNFC Alencon & 13th open SNFC Carentan 2022. SHU Dewar Trophy runner up 2022.


Young bird from the stock loft.      Bid   £30 DG,,,,Paid Thanks 


Lot 6 – Gavin Ferguson, Forfar – part of the very successful Macaulay, Ferguson & Curran partnership. Second open SNFC Maidstone 2019. Also winner of SNFC silver award plus numerous prominent national positions. Stock loft contains a concentration of outstanding winning bloodlines.


Young bird from stock loft.     Bid  £50 fridgeman Paid Thank you


Lot 7 – Stewart Donaldson, Blairgowrie – past winner of 1st open SNFC Nantes. Also winner of SNFC silver and bronze award flying into an unfavourable location.


Young bird from stock loft.     Bid £ 45 Fridgeman Paid thank you


Lot 8 – F & W Robertson, Edinburgh – winner of several nationals in SNFC / SNRPC . Very competitive loft from all distances.


Young bird from stock loft.           Bid £60 B.E...Paid Thank you 


Lot 9 – Eadie & Kelly, Newmains – top West of Scotland loft for many years. Recent performances – 2021 – 1st national hens, 1st sec 3rd open SNFC Huntingdon, 1st sec , 1st Open SNFC Yeovil winning Titan Award for best middle distance pigeon in UK and £7500.  2022 – 3rd, 7th, 10th & 25th section SNFC Upper Heyford. 3rd, 12th, 13th, 15th & 25th section, 27th open SNFC Yeovil. 1st, 6th, 8th, 20th section SNFC Brighton. Winner of the Lanarkshire Social Circle coveted Gold Cup.


Young bird from stock loft.  Ready at end of sale. Bid  £40 Maxwell Gray,  Paid Thank you 


Lot 10 – Brian Chalmers, Kennoway –  top Fife loft. Past SNFC winner, silver and bronze award winner. Many top performances in club, fed and SNFC over the years.

Sire of yb - Bred by Scammell, Peploe & Bromley, Wales direct from their famous "Nearly Cock", 3 x 2nd national up to 560 miles.

Dam of yb - is a daughter of Brian's 1st open SNFC Maidstone.   Bid  £40 Gordi.b,  Paid Thank you 


Lot 11 – Andy Miller, Edinburgh – past winner of two SNFC races, plus numerous other prominent positions. Winner of SNFC bronze award. Very competitive loft from all distances.


Young bird ready end of sale.  Bid £35 scrapman,  Paid Thank you 


Lot 12 – C & G Cameron, Arbroath – always been a top loft but raised performances to a different level these last few seasons winning 1st  & 3rd open SNFC Roye, 2nd open SNRPC Arras and winner of SNFC section averages 2022.


Sire of yb – BE12 – 4176311 bred by Leon Messiasen, Belgium. He is a son of De Perpignan a top long distance racer and stock bird for Leon. Dam of 311 is mainly Florizone bloodlines.  311 is the sire to “ Branch” 3rd open SNFC Roye 2018 & 1st open SNFC Roye 2019. A great pigeon who is now breeding winners.

Dam of yb – BE22 – 3036067, steeped in Barcelona bloodlines . Bred by Eric Deprez, Belgium, she is a 22 latebred so this is her first year at stock.

Bred from superstar “Karel 443” the best Barcelona pigeon in Belgium over the last 4 years.


 Father “BE 16-3134443” Karel 443

1 Nat Ace Barcelona 2019-2022

  25 NAT Barcelona ’21    6.913p 1052km
  46 NAT Barcelona ’22    6.560p 1052km

  87 NAT Barcelona ’19    7.301p 1052km

½ brother “Karel 338”
1 Nat Ace Primus Inter Pares Barcelona 2013-2017
½ brother “159/14” 
4 Nat Barcelona ’17 7.782p
Son from base breeder “Karel” 


Mother “BE 21-3021403” 
  Daughter “Looymans Hen” 
  Sister “606/09” 28 Nat Barcelona 12.170p
  Sister “811/10” 
        Mother 4 Nat Barcelona 7.782p
  Gr.Daughter Leon Messiaen’s “Prins Didibis”
  35 Nat Barcelona 11.802p                              Bid £90 phone bid JW Paid 





Lot 13 – John Wiseman, Dundee – past winner of SNFC Reims with “Balnuith Dreims”.  Very competitive loft from all distances.  The stock loft contains many direct children from first open national winners.


Young bird from stock loft.   Bid  £50 Jumpingjack1974,  Paid Thank you 


Lot 14 – D & C McDougall, Peterhead – past winner of SNFC Ypres. Never far away in distance races.


Sire of yb – Cheq “Dodge” 1st North Sec, 1st open SNFC Ypres, 500 miles, 2541 birds. Second fastest bird ever from Ypres in SNFC.


Dam of yb – Cheq [ stock] – she is dam of 2nd sec SNFC Alencon 634 miles, 10th sec SNFC Brighton 470 miles. The sire and dam of this hen both scored 3 times in SNFC.      Bid £105 Ryan Hay,  Paid Thank you 


Lot 15 – Ian Scott, Forfar – past winner of SNFC Roye and silver award winner. Alround very competitive loft.


Sire of yb – Stock, of Jim Biss lines.


Dam of yb – “Sun Princess” 1st open SNFC Roye and winner of silver award.   Bid £60 ABC,   Paid Thank you 


Lot 16 – Alison & Les Mitchell, Annan – past winners of SNFC Littlehampton and SNRPC Billericay on same weekend.


Young bird from the stock loft of Vandenabeele lines.  Bid £30 DG.........Paid Thanks


Lot 17 – Andrew Lees, Eyemouth – past national winner with many top 10 open positions in national races, flying a small team of birds. Winner of SNFC  silver and gold award.


Young bird from stock loft.    Bid £ 35 scrapman,  Paid Thank you 


Lot 18 – K. Droog & Son, Forfar – this loft in the last two years has won 16 x 1st fed, 5 x 1st combine, 1st open SNRPC Billericay. In SNFC races 10th, 18th, 27th, 34th and 38th open against 1500  - 3000 birds, flying distances of 317 /  428 / 532 miles.

The young bird on offer is from the mother of the loft over the last few years, with her now being 10 years of age, this might be the last chance to get a young bird from her.  

Sire of yb - Black NL161025105. Bred winners in fed, 1st fed 3rd sec, 10th open SNFC 408 miles.  Sire of "5105" is - "Dante", 27th national Bergerac 599miles, 81st national Cahors 628 miles, 82nd national St. Vincent 707 miles all in 2015.  "Dante" is from "Deyean" x "Prada".  Dam of "5105" is "Skylar", 5th national Aurillac566 miles, 26th national St. Vincent 707 miles, 519th national Bergerac 599 miles, all in 2015. Also 349th national Bergerac, 3293 birds as a yearling. "Skylar" is from "Hagar x "Aprillia". Champion "Deyean" is sire of 1st national Limoges, 12th National Bergerac, 49th national Orange and g. sire to 1st NPO Limoges.

Dam of yb - Ch GB13J11085 - dam to 60th open SNFC YB National, 1st fed, 1st combine. G dam to 7 x 1st fed, 5 x 1st Combine. Plus many more - 129th open SNFC yb national, 262nd open SNFC Maidstone,15th fed Roye, 34th open yb national, 18th open SNFC 428 miles.  Sire of "1085" is a son of of Champion " Euro Diamond" 1st national Carcassonne 2719 birds, 2nd international Carcassonne 10323 birds, 5th International Perpignan 14900 birds, 4th national Bergerac1320 birds, 5th international Bergerac 3180 birds. Dam of "1085" 1st NFC Saintes, full sister to many winners. [ direct from Ch George when paired to g daughter of "Euro Diamond".]

Full pedigree to buyer. Bid £90ABC,,, Paid Thank you 



Lot 19 – A & E Luke, Dunbar – top fanciers from East of Scotland, winners of three national races and countless first federation and club wins. This family of pigeons can win at any distance. Winners of SNRPC section averages 2021.


Sire of yb – 5 x FIRST fed, 8th open SNRPC Arras, 9th open SNRPC Arras, 66th open SNRPC Reims.  Bid £ 50 The Pouter,,Paid Thank you 




Lot 20 – Peter Keogh, Broxburn – past national winner in SNRPC and section D averages winner. Twice winner of SNFC bronze award. Very consistent national winning  loft.


Young bird from the stock loft. Ready early May.   Bid £30 baldeagle  Paid Thanks


Lot 21– Dave Glen, Forfar – past SNFC national winner from Ypres, plus twice 2nd open SNFC from Ypres. Winner of 3 x silver awards and bronze award. This is a very consistent loft from all races with many club and federation wins. Federation fancier of the year 2022.


Sire of yb – Son of Bruce McKenzie’s “Red Tornado” 1st open SNFC Clermont.


Dam of yb – Daughter of “Dave’s Dream” 1st open SNFC Ypres when paired to Bruce McKenzie’s “Bradbury Star” 1st open SNRPC Peterborough.  Bid £75dumyat    Paid Thank you 


Lot 22 – Danny Henderson, Dundee – past winner of SNRPC Hazebrouck. Another loft that wins from first race to last with many club and federation wins.


Young bird from stock loft.  Bid  £40 Steven Bannon Paid thanks


Lot 23 – Maskame & Cordiner, Peterhead – past winner from SNFC from Ypres and silver award winner. Very competitive loft at all distances.


Sire of yb – is a son of “Maverick” silver award winner when paired to a daughter of “Heathers Dream” , 1st open SNFC gold cup Alencon.


Dam of yb – Same daughter of “Heathers Dream”, 1st open SNFC gold cup Alencon.

This is a mother and son pairing.   Bid £50 Ryan Hay,Paid Thank you 


Lot 24 – Jimmy Mark, Tranent – top East Lothian loft winner of 2 x SNFC silver award.


Young bird from stock loft.  Bid £30, Rangers paid thanks


Lot 25 – S & L Trodden, Gretna – top Solway loft past SNFC winner and many club and federation wins.


Young bird from stock loft of Theo Rutten bloodlines that have bred multiple winners, they are Janseen based.Bid £30 Andrew Suckle  Paid Thanks


Lot 26 – Dave Baldie, St. Andrews – top Fife loft, past winner of SNFC Ypres, silver award winner. Many club and federation wins. Third general champion Golden Duif.

Sire of yb - SU19F 3434 - 5th Club, 5th Fed Catterick, 75th sec, 260th open SNFC Huntingdon, 11th sec 115th open SNFC Yeovil, 14th sec, 118th open SNFC Upper Heyford, 12th sec, 58th open SNFC Brighton. 

Dam of yb - SU19F3467 - 68th sec, 208th open SNFC Maidstone. Bid £40 .One of skin.  Paid Thank you 


Lot 27 – Bruce McKenzie, Dundee – this loft has been winning for decades at club, federation, combine and national level. Past winner of 1st open SNFC Clermont with “ Red Tornado”, 1st open SNRPC  Peterborough with “ Bradbury Star”, 1st open yearling national Arras with “Bradbury Bob”. This loft has been over 20 times in first ten in national racing. Federation fancier of the year many times.


Sire of yb – Top stock cock , sire of many winners.   


Dam of yb – Daughter of “Red Tornado” 1st open SNFC Clermont and sire of many winners when paired to “Bradbury Star” 1st open SNRPC Peterborough.   Bid £75 dumyat,Paid Thank you 


Lot 28 – Jim Doig, Cardenden – top Fife loft over many years and past winner of SNFC Ypres and silver award winner.


Young bird from stock loft.  Bid £35 scrapman,   Paid Thank you 


Lot 29 – Les McKay, Carnoustie – this loft has been winning at the distance for decades. First open SNFC Liege with “Bert’s Boy”. Not many SNFC / SNRPC results where the name Les McKay doesn’t appear.


Young bird from his channel team.   Bid £40 ABC,, Paid Thank you 


Lot 30 – Mike Macpherson, Letham – concentrates on distance racing, having been 2nd open SNFC Alencon,  27th & 29th open SNFC Carentan in recent years. Top quality distance bloodlines.   

Sire of yb - SU20AF 1671 - as a 2 year old late bred - 18th sec, 135th open SNFC Yeovil & 3 weeks later 3rd sec, 27th open SNFC Carentan. Sire of 1671 is bred from "Wellbank Blueboy"  when paired to a half sister of champion "Wingdown". [ Full brother of this bird sold for over £1500 at Kevin Murphy's bereavement sale]. Dam of 1671 is from a proven son of "Wellbank Blueboy". NB - "Wellbank Blueboy" scored 7 times in channel races.

Dam of yb - is bred from a full brother of "Southfield Melissa's Star " 1st national BICC Pau, also full brother to sire of "Ernie's Blue Star" 1st open NFC Tarbes. When paired to a hen bred by Gerald MacPherson direct from "Angel" SHU Dewar trophy winner - 2nd sec 27th open SNFC Alencon, 3rd sec 17th open SNFC Falaise [ both as a yearling ], 25th sec 58th open SNFC Maidstone, 18th sec 85th open SNFC Liege, 10th sec 30th open SNFC Roye.  Full pedigree to buyer.  Bid £55,,, DJL Paid Thank you 



Lot 31 – Martyn Brown, Bo’ness – top West Lothian loft winning at club, fed and national level. 3 x 1st sec SNFC, 1 x 2nd sec SNFC, 1x 3rd sec SNFC, 1 x 4th sec SNFC.  5th, 6th, 15th, 16th, 19th, 31st, 57th, 81st open SNFC.


Young bird from stock loft. Bid £45  Gord,  Paid Thank you 






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