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Clarkston Shows


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Results from 27th of November


Young cocks handle


1st- Wilson and cairns

2nd A Mcburnie

3rd- P Stangoe

4th- A black

5th- Wilson and cairns

6th- Wilson and cairns

7th- Law and Brady

8th- Lindsay and Henderson

9th- j Cadberry


Nom- £5 A Mcburnie


Old hen peep


1st- F Sloan

2nd- E Mckerley

3rd- Law and Brady

4th- D Mitchell

5th- D Mitchell

6th- A Mcburnie

7th- A black

8th- A Mcburnie

9th- A Mcburnie


Nom- £9 F Sloan



Young hen handle and old cock peep on Wednesday night

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Result for 4th of December


Young hen handle 33 in class- judge- joe Gillon snr


1st- W Boswell

2nd- A Mcburnie

3rd- C Gillespie

4th- P Stangoe

5th- D Hay

6th- D Hay

7th- P Stangoe

8th- H Goldie

9th- D Hay


Old cock peep 59 in class judge- joe Gillon snr


1st- Law&Brady

2nd- A Mcburnie

3rd- T Corrie

4th- C Gillespie

5th- Law&brady

6th- D Hay

7th- D Hay

8th- T Corrie

9th- D Mitchell



Next week- All Winners and latebreds, must be carrying 2 nest flights

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Result from 11/12/19


All winners


Old cocks


1st- Law and Brady

2nd- Lindsay and Henderson

3rd- D Hay


Old hens


1st- D Hay

2nd- F Sloan

3rd- A Black


Young cocks


1st- P Stangoe

2nd- Wilson and cairns

3rd- Wilson and cairns


Young hens


1st- D Hay

2nd- D Hay

3rd- H Goldie



Best in show- D Hay


Best opposite- Law and Brady


Best young bird- P Stangoe


Overall points- D Hay 93 points



Latebred class


1st- W Boswell

2nd- D Hay

3rd- A mcburnie

4th- D Hay


Would like to thank everyone for attending clarkston shows this year and to all the judges for taking time to come over and judge


All at clarkston flying club would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy new year and all the best for 2020 racing season

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