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  1. Well done auld jimmy 😀 plus 3 on the Reims result 2 yearlings Tay.🇬🇧
  2. CONFIRMED: Three Scottish Premiership games involving Celtic and Aberdeen this week have been postponed after coronavirus rule breaches
  3. Sounds like a peregrine falcon not the usual hunting technique of the sparrow hawk. Falcon nesting on the towers at BP Grangemouth.
  4. Best post on hear for a long time ! Apart from you wanting to leave the site.
  5. Disappointment for the Liverpool fans who had hoped to wrap up the league in the more traditional manner of retrieving Dundee’s email from the spam folder.
  6. Old and new manifestations of the young bird disease - PART 2 - New experiences with the young bird sickness and the new available vaccines show one thing very clear: the more you vaccinate, the fewer problems you will have! Belgium and the Netherlands are, in comparison with other racing pigeon countries like Germany, Poland, United Kingdom etc, often 2-3 months ahead in raising the young pigeons. Belgium and the Netherlands have already started their racing season with the young birds, and therefor already have dealt with the young bird sickness and with dying young birds. The new triple vaccine Paramyxo-Herpes-Adeno seems to be indispensable regarding the Herpes infection of the young birds, but could not prevent the agressive and lethal forms of young bird sickness that many breeders experienced. Only by additional use of the Paramyxo-Rota combi vaccine the dying of young birds and the agressive young bird sickness could be stopped. And even better results were achieved when the completely new, triple vaccin Circo-Paramyxo-Rota was used. The positive effect occured surprisingly fast and was even more effictive than the administration of antibiotics. The Circo vaccination seems to be of elementary importance for racing pigeons.
  7. Look at the Nike fiasco 25 confirmed cases at Edinburgh hotel in February, Hushed up , she had the power to lockdown Scotland earlier to save thousands of lives.
  8. ME proud of her certainly not think you misread my post.😷
  9. People suggesting Nicola Sturgeon would hide or suppress information is an outrage. She told us she's open, honest and transparent. You just need to look at her recording of meetings, use of e-mails and full and prompt responses to Freedom of Information requests. 😠What’s more shocking is the auld yin’s in care homes throughout Scotland some almost wiped out.
  10. Walter or Walther is a German masculine given name derived from Old High German Walthari, composed of the elements walt- (Proto-Germanic *wald-) "rule", "brightness" and hari (Proto-Germanic *χarja) "army". ... A fragmentary Old English poem on the same character is known as Waldere.
  11. Aye wish ma maw had called me Walter.too late now.
  12. God save the queen 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧and scotland .
  13. Invite him back and promote him to a moderator , problem solved 😂
  14. Aye that’s the aim o wee Nicola and the shortbread senate, cause confusion and division. 🇬🇧 England could commence racing 3 weeks before us jocks.
  15. Well done young sooty liberating both sides billy backfire must o fell asleep.
  16. ayelate


    Many times all the way home the countries polluted .
  17. Well done Hugh Isla Sean nealy and wee patch the dug.😺
  18. Not as simple as that ! could ruin your old bird season if the non ybs youngsters catch it as yearlings :emoticon-0179-headbang:
  19. How were your young bird returns per race and did you complete the programme ?
  20. ayelate


    Think you'll find the snp want to allow thousands of immigrants in if they gain independence
  21. been a hidden agenda going on for a few years now
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